Reopoliglyukin - a means for normalizing the blood circulation.  Reopoliglyukin

Pharmacological action reopoliglyukina

Reopoliglyukin a solution of low molecular weight dextran. For intravenous use, it helps to optimize the volume of blood in the body, which leads to a rise in blood pressure during shock conditions and significant blood loss. It is experimentally proved that the introduction of 10 ml of the drug into the bloodstream from the tissues gets 10-15 ml of liquid. Reopoliglyukina disaggregating effect on red blood cells leads to an additional withdrawal of blood from a capillary system.

Instructions for use reopoliglyukina

Instructions Reopogliglyukina involves the use of the drug by intravenous drip to destination the attending physician. The dosage is determined individually .

The instructions reopoliglyukina provided a wide range of use of the drug. For the treatment of disorders of capillary circulation accompanying traumatic, and operating Burns shock conditions (traumatic, and operating Burns shock) Reopoliglyukin used by intravenous drip 400-1000 ml / day several times during the day.

When operative intervention on the heart and cardiovascular system Reopoliglyukin administered prior to surgery by intravenous drip of 10 ml / kg during surgical intervention - 400-500 mL in the postoperative period of five to six days at 10 ml / kg.

For the purpose of the drug detoxification method is used intravenously at a dose of 500 to 1200 ml (children 5-10 ml / kg) for an hour and a half. Subsequently administered by the drip method, adult - a daily dose of 500 ml, the children - the rate of 5-10 ml / kg.

During surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass preparation is added to the bloodstream of the calculation of 10-20 ml / kg body weight. The concentration in the injected solution reopoliglyukina is allowed no more than 3%. During the postoperative rehabilitation Reopoliglyukin used at the same dosage as in the shock conditions.

Indications reopoliglyukina

 Dosage form reopoliglyukina - solution for infusion
 The drug is used for treatment and prevention of endarteritis, rheumatic, operating states of shock and burn, shock as a result of intoxication thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, acute hemorrhage.

Application reopoliglyukina also helps to optimize the arterial and venous blood supply when occlusive disease, diseases of the retina and optic nerve, inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Reopoliglyukin during pregnancy

Data on the safety of the drug in these times not.


The instructions reopoliglyukina stipulates that before use of the drug is necessary to check its compatibility with therapeutic agents that are in the future we plan to introduce into the solution.


Hypersensitivity to the drug, bleeding, anuria.

Application reopoliglyukina contraindicated in skin maceration century, abundant muco-purulent secretions.

side effects

The possibility of allergic reactions such as skin rash, fever, chills, fever, nausea. In some cases, use of the product contributes to the development of acute renal failure. Can provoke bleeding.


When you change the temperature during transport may cause white clots or films in a solution. To dissolve them completely dissolve the bottle to be heated with a solution of the drug within one hour using a water bath with intermittent shaking the container. Also possible to use a method of autoclaving for twenty minutes and then to use the drug solution should be cooled to body temperature.