Reminyl (international name - galantamine) refers to a group of anticholinesterase agents intended to improve the conduction of nerve impulses in the muscle synapses and increased reflex zones spinal cord and brain.  Reminyl 4 mg

The drug improves muscle contraction of smooth muscles and restores neuromuscular conductivity.

Structure and Composition

The main active ingredient - galantamine hydrobromide 8 mg.

Auxiliary components: corn starch, hypromellose, ethyl cellulose, diethyl phthalate, macrogol.

Reminyl is available as a solution for intravenous / intramuscular injection, infusion and oral tablets 8-24 mg.

Each coated tablets consisting of gelatin, red and yellow oxide of iron, titanium dioxide.

Pharmacological properties Remini

Reminyl works to improve the tone of the musculoskeletal muscles, normalization of the secretion of digestive glands and sweat glands, as well as the restoration of nerve conduction and removal of spasms. The drug is effective in reducing intraocular and intracranial pressure.

Galantamine as the main active substance, and improves cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Good reviews Reminyl was like a drug that is quickly absorbed and starts to work within 45-60 minutes after ingestion.

Bioavailability is 89%. When taken orally, Reminyl appears within 24-48 hours with urine and faeces. Young and elderly patients the drug concentration in blood plasma is practically the same. Eating does not affect the bioavailability Reminyl, which has a sustained release of the active substance.


Reminyl is indicated for infectious and inflammatory, toxic and traumatic injuries of brain tissue (myelitis, meningitis, optic neuritis, Alzheimer's disease, cerebral palsy, etc.), spinal muscular atrophy and neural-type polio, sciatica, closure glaucoma type, atony of the urinary tract and intestines.

Positive feedback Reminyl is as an antidote for poisoning by drugs with morphine.

Instructions for use Remini

In accordance with the instruction Reminyl should take one time a day during or after a meal, with plenty of water. The initial dose is 8.10 mg per day. In the severe stages of the flow of brain diseases Reminyl is assigned 2 times a day in the form of sustained-release capsules. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 16 mg. After the treating doctor's assessment of the clinical picture of the disease daily dose may be increased to 24 mg.

According to the instructions Reminyl should not be prescribed to children under 12 years. For patients with liver and kidney daily dose of 8 mg.

Reminyl is not recommended for patients with impaired liver function and kidney function.  Reminyl 8 mg

The course of treatment lasts from 10 days to 2 months. Treatment is carried out in conjunction with physical therapy activities (body wrap, massage, acupuncture, etc.), who are appointed in 2-3 hours after taking Reminyl.


Contraindications to receiving Remini are hypersensitivity and intolerance to the components of the drug, angina, heart failure, asthma, hypertension, epileptic syndrome, intestinal obstruction, dysfunction of the genitourinary system.

Side effects Remini

Reminyl can cause excessive salivation, dizziness and headaches, intestinal cramps, nausea and vomiting, arrhythmia.

In some cases, allergic reactions may occur - hives, itching and burning, brohospazm, angioedema.