Relief - protivogemorroynyh effective drug. In a lot of positive feedback about the Relief confirmed its high therapeutic efficacy and safety.  Protivogemorroynyh drug Relief

The composition and pharmacological effects of drugs Relief

The series consists of four drugs Relief drugs for external use: rectal ointment Relief, Relief rectal suppositories, rectal suppositories Relief Ultra, rectal suppositories Advanced Relief.

All drugs have a local anesthetic and hemostatic, immunomodulatory, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects. In his part of the family of drugs Relief include shark liver oil. The shark liver oil contains alkoksiglitseroly and fat-soluble vitamins. The remaining components in medicaments Relief different. The ointment and rectal suppositories addition oils include phenylephrine hydrochloride - substance having vasoconstrictor activity. As a result of the rapid narrowing of blood vessels and decrease their permeability removed tissue swelling. The drug controls the outflow and inflow of blood in the area of ​​hemorrhoids, stopping bleeding.

Rectal suppositories containing benzocaine Relief Advance - an anesthetic. As part of rectal suppositories Relief Ultra contains zinc and hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone has a powerful decongestant, analgesic, antipruritic and anti-inflammatory action. Zinc dries wounds. That is why the candle rapidly reduce inflammation and promote wound healing.

Indications Relief

Relief Under the instruction is used in diseases of the anus and rectum, chronic and acute hemorrhoids with severe bleeding, with cracks and inflammation of the anus and surrounding tissues.

Application Relief shown to relieve itching and pain in the area of ​​the anus. Relief in the form of rectal suppositories are used for itching and severe pain in the perineum hemorrhoids, constipation (to relieve inflammation). Relief Ultra is used in the inflammatory process, with itching and pain. Candles reduce inflammation, but lower immunity.

Relief - Instructions for use

According to the instructions in Relief ointment used as externally, and rectally. For external use a thin layer of ointment applied to the skin in the anus to four times a day. The ointment is applied in the morning, before going to bed, and after each act of defecation. Before the introduction of a special rectal applicator package of the drug is necessary to grease a small amount of ointment and put it into the anus. The applicator after each use should be washed with warm water and close the protective cover.

According to the instructions of Relief in the form of suppositories must be removed from the package and enter the rounded tip into the anus (morning and at night after each defecation to four times a day).  Rectal suppositories Relief Ultra

Contraindications Relief

Application Relief contraindicated if you are hypersensitive drugs. It is not recommended to use these drugs for children up to twelve years.

General contraindications to the use of drugs are diabetes, tuberculosis, Cushing's syndrome, pregnancy, lactation.

The medical review of Relief states that drug with caution in the form of rectal suppositories should be used for high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, accompanied by cardiac arrhythmias, osteoporosis, impaired immunity.

Relief Ultra can not be used in the presence of a tumor or any infection in the use of the drug.

Side effects of the drug Relief

Some comments about Relief said that the side effects are known means of allergic reactions such as itching, swelling, redness at the site of application tools.

Relief drug interactions with other medications

When combined Relief with antihypertensive drugs, tricyclic antidepressants and MAO inhibitors increases the risk of hypertensive crisis.