Relakson pills

Release form and composition Relaksona

Relakson - hypnotic drug is manufactured in the form of biconvex tablets coated with a white coating. It comprises zopiclone (0, 0075 grams) and excipients: Aerosil, microcrystalline cellulose, Primogel, lactose, starch, magnesium stearate, talc, povidone, polyethylene glycol 4000 and titanium dioxide.

Relakson is available in packs of 5 and 20 tablets.


Part of the drug zopiclone has a hypnotic, tranquilizer, sedative, muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant properties. The substance acts on the central nervous system. Reviews Relaksone prove that the drug helps to reduce the time to sleep and to reduce the incidence of nighttime awakenings. When receiving Relaksona the patient does not feel fatigue and drowsiness the next morning. Relakson not addictive, treatment can last up to 17 weeks.


Relakson recommended for the treatment of chronic, passing and situational insomnia in adults. Early and night awakenings, difficulty falling asleep are the indications for use.

Dosage Relaksona

Despite the fact that the instructions Relaksona indicated that the drug is not addictive, it is better to limit the term to four weeks of treatment. Extension of the deadline for receiving Relaksona allowed after re-examination of the patient.

The duration of treatment of insomnia Relaksonom passing 2-5 days, situational insomnia treated for 2-3 weeks, the duration of treatment of chronic insomnia is to determine a specialist.

Relaksona dose for an adult - one tablet (7, 5 mg). The dose should not exceed 15 mg.

Elderly patients, patients with impaired liver function or renal insufficiency should begin receiving Relaksona with ½ tablets (3, 7 mg) and then increase the dose to 1 tablet (7, 5 mg).


These reviews Relaksone helped to clarify that the main signs of overdose are drowsiness, CNS depression, in severe cases, coma. If symptoms of overdose it is recommended to take a gastric lavage and activated charcoal. If necessary, consult a doctor.

Interaction with other drugs Relaksona

Invalid Relaksona alcohol intake. The inhibitory effect on the central nervous system is enhanced in cases of simultaneous admission hypnotics, neuroleptics, tranquilizers, antidepressants, sedatives, antiepileptic drugs, narcotic analgesics, antihistamines with sedative effect of anesthetics and erythromycin.

Side effects Relaksona

The most common side effect Relaksona - bitterness in the mouth. On the part of the central nervous system can occur dizziness, drowsiness, morning headaches. On the part of the digestive system is observed nausea, dyspepsia, and dry mouth. Relakson can cause allergic reactions in the form of itching and rashes. Sometimes patients are given negative reviews about Relaksone. Irritability, nightmares, depressed mood, aggression, incoordination, depression - signs of mental reactions to the drug.

After the termination of long-term treatment Relaksonom may experience rebound insomnia.

Contraindications Relaksona

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Contraindications to the use Relaksona are hypersensitivity to the components, myasthenia gravis, respiratory failure, sleep apnea syndrome, severe hepatic insufficiency, during lactation and pregnancy, children's age (18 years).


Receiving Relaksona together with theophylline has a positive effect on asthma, reduces their duration and intensity. Taking sleeping pills, do not violate the dose, drink alcohol, or other incompatible drugs and psychotropic drugs.

In order to avoid withdrawal symptoms and rebound insomnia, you need to complete treatment and gradually reduce the dosage. To eliminate the risk of manifestation of amnesia pill should be taken at bedtime, sleep duration should not be less than 6 hours. Relakson not intended for the treatment of depression.

The components that make up the Relaksona may adversely affect the ability to drive. Therefore, during treatment should refrain from such activities, or to be very careful.

storage conditions

Relakson be stored in a dry place inaccessible to light and children. Shelf life - 3 years. Do not use the medication after the expiration date.

Conditions of supply

Sold by prescription.