Regidron - complex drug used to restore the acid-alkaline balance, impaired by vomiting and diarrhea.


Pharmacological action

Active components Regidron promote absorption of electrolytes, which helps to restore water and electrolyte balance of the body, changes due to dehydration.

In comparison with similar Regidron contains a lower concentration of sodium, which assists in preventing the development of hypernatremia, and will increase the level of potassium in the blood.

Product form

Regidron produced in the form of a white crystalline powder in sachets of 18 g of 9, which include:

  • 2, 9 g of sodium citrate dihydrate;
  • 10 g of dextrose;
  • 3, 5 g of sodium chloride;
  • 2, 5 g of potassium chloride.

The packs 4 and 20 bags.

Regidron analogues of the active substance preparations are Gidrovit fort Regidron, Reosolan, Gidrovit, Tsitraglyukosolan, Reosolan.

Indications Regidron

Regidron prescribed according to the instructions:

  • To maintain or restore the water-base balance;
  • In case of diarrhea of ​​infectious diseases, including cholera;
  • In order to prevent violations of the blood pH indicator and water-alkaline balance due to intense sweating associated with physical or thermal load.


According to the instructions Regidron contraindicated apply:

  • In the case of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus;
  • If the kidney function:
  • When intestinal obstruction;
  • In the unconscious;
  • In the case of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus;
  • When hypertension;
  • This increased sensitivity to the drug.

Dosing Regidron

According to the testimony Regidron (1 bag) should be dissolved in 1 liter of boiled water. After each occurrence of diarrhea take small sips solution mixed thoroughly, at least 10 ml per 1 kg of body weight per hour.

When reducing the effects of dehydration is also reduced dose rehydron - 5.10 ml / kg body weight after each event of diarrhea. In normal cases, the use of Regidron shows no more than 3-4 days or until the end of diarrhea. At strong dehydration prescribe a double dose Regidron.

Vomiting Regidron designate additional 10 mL / kg after each attack.

In order not to disrupt the therapeutic effect rehydron should not be added to a solution of other components, such as sugar. According to the instructions it is recommended to avoid eating food that is rich in simple carbohydrates and fats.

Regidron according to the instructions at the recommended doses can be used during pregnancy and lactation.  Powder Regidron

When applying rehydron be appreciated that the drug may alter the effect of other drugs, the effect of which depends on the pH of the intestinal contents.

side effects

When dosed application Regidron side effects usually do not occur.

In severe overdose Regidron and analogs may cause an excess of sodium in the blood (hypernatremia), leading to weakness, neuromuscular stimulation, confusion, drowsiness, coma, and in some cases - to stop breathing.

storage conditions

Regidron on indications available without a prescription. The shelf life of the preparation at ambient temperature - 36 months. The prepared solution according to the instructions should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than a day.