Regetsin - a drug used to treat acne
 Regetsin (international title - Zinc hyaluronate) is a gel based on hyaluronic acid for the prevention and treatment of acne. The gel is widely used in medical and cosmetic purposes.

The drug has a regenerating, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory action.

Structure and Composition

The main active ingredient - zinc hyaluronate.

Auxiliary components: sodium hyaluronate, potassium sorbate, sodium hydroxide, carbopol, zinc chloride, purified water.

Regetsin is available as a gel in tubes 15-20, the

Pharmacological properties Regetsina

Regetsin for external use as a medicament for the prevention and treatment of skin acne different etiology. Active substances have antimicrobial action of the drug, promote removal of inflammation, eliminate erythematous patches that are the consequences of acne.

Hyaluronic acid is the main component of Regetsina actively interacts with proteins and other substances at the molecular level, effectively creating a variance matrix which helps to maintain the elasticity and firmness, youth and skin tone. Also, the components of the drug activates blood circulation and accelerate the regeneration of tissues. Zinc is involved in cell division, the direction of action to eliminate bacteria and viruses in the areas of inflammation in the skin.

Good reviews Regetsin received as a preparation to the absence of photosensitizing properties which does not damage the skin has no color and odor of the chemical.


 Gel Regetsin
 Regetsin assigned to prevent and treat acne at different stages of development, demodectic mange, seborrheic dermatitis type.

Positive feedback has Regetsin as a drug that triggers tissue regeneration after laser correction.

The gel may be used in cosmetic procedures.

Instructions for use Regetsina

According to the instructions Regetsin be applied 2 times a day for 5-7 weeks. As a prophylactic drug to use no more than two times per week.

When acne at the initial stage of the gel used in monotherapy, and in moderate to severe acne development Regetsin be used in combination with other drugs, including antibiotics and hormones.

In accordance with the instructions Regetsin should be applied in small quantities on the surface of the skin clean and dry, then rub lightly until completely absorbed. The duration of treatment should not exceed 3 months.

In seborrheic dermatitis to severe stages of flow necessary to apply the gel 2-3 times a day for 4 weeks.

As a means for accelerating recovery after laser correction skin gel should be applied to the wound surface for 5-10 days prior to healing.


Regetsin contraindicated in hypersensitivity and intolerance to the components of the drug, chemical burns, deep wounds and skin lesions, tumors, asthma.

Precautions should be prescribed the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Side effects Regetsina

In the initial period of treatment Regetsin can cause itching and burning of the skin, tightening and flushing of the skin. 2-3 days after initiation of treatment, these symptoms should disappear otherwise, the drug should be canceled.

In some cases Regetsin may cause allergic reactions - skin rash, hives, dermatitis, angioedema.