Red clover

Description of red clover

 Perennial plant - red clover
 Red clover - a perennial plant with straight, slightly hairy stems with small dark red small flowers, gathered in the ball-shaped head. From a botanical description of clover it knows that it belongs to the legume. Flowers clover yields in July and August, during this period, and his harvest for further use for therapeutic purposes. Clover dried in air laying grass flowers thin layer or at a temperature of 60-70 degrees in special dryers. Keep grass clover can be a year, but the inflorescence - 2 years. Zagotavlivaya medicinal raw materials important to be able to distinguish between red clover by clover hybrid or creeping - in these plants contain less nutrients. Distinguish creeping clover and hybrid white and pink, respectively, buds, and leaves a smooth creeping rather than a straight stem.

Clover grown mainly as a fodder crop for farm animals, but known and curative properties of red clover: in the stems, leaves, flowers contain salicylic, ascorbic acid, coumaric, ketoglutaric acid, essential and fatty oils, resins, carotene, glycosides and izotrifolin trifolin alkaloids tannins, flavonoids, vitamins D, E, salts of phosphorus and calcium.

Useful and clover root - of which secrete antifungal agent (trifolirizin) is used as an anticancer agent, an anti-inflammatory in gynecology for the treatment of hernia.

In general, red clover is appreciated for what he has antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, hemostatic effect.

The use of red clover

 Flowers and grass clover
 The stems of the plant are used as a remedy for scurvy and atherosclerosis, rickets, malaria. Cooked from the stems of clover folk remedies help relieve headaches and eliminate dizziness, increase appetite, serve as an antiseptic.

Infusions and decoctions are used for anemia, metrorrhagia, asthenia, asthma, shortness of breath, cancer. The juice from the stalks are used for the same indications, as well as, in a protracted cough, bronchitis, poisonings, gout, acute colds.

Outwardly decoction from the stems used for abscesses, diathesis, malignancies, burns, to relieve rheumatic and other pains, wound healing, skin softening.

Juice clover is also used externally - to treat diseases of the eye, ear, felon, hernia.

Useful properties of red clover are used in homeopathy - a member of various drugs include the essence of fresh flowering clover.

Clover leaves help heal wounds, stop bleeding.

The juice from the leaves of clover used in exudative diathesis (scrofula). A decoction of the leaves is used topically for burns, abscesses, for the treatment of tumors, relieve pain, inflammation, wound healing.

Separately allocate the beneficial properties of clover flowers. They can also be applied externally and inwardly. Decoction of the flowers of clover good handle wounds, pressure sores, burns, ulcers, abscesses, treat felon and paronychia, eye and ear diseases. Inside are teas with anemia, scrofula, gastritis, colitis, bronchial asthma, chronic cough, kidney stones, cholecystitis, diathesis.

Widespread use of red clover received in folk medicine. Known recipes such infusions and decoctions:

1. A decoction of the roots of red clover: take 20 g of crushed roots, pour 200 ml of hot water, boiled in a water bath under the hood (preferably in an enamel pot) for half an hour, after which, without cooling, immediately drain, squeeze out the roots, to bring boiled water to the original 200ml. Take a decoction of the roots of clover spoon 4-5 p / day before meals.

2. A decoction of the flowers: 20g flowers pour 250 ml of water, boil for 15 minutes, half an hour insist, filter. Drink this decoction should be 3-4 p / day 0, 25 cups.

3. The infusion of flowers: 20g colors pour 200ml boiling water, stand an hour, strain. Drink clover infusion of 3 p / day for 2-3 tablespoons of table or at 0, 5 cups.

4. The infusion of stems, leaves (grass) clover: 40g raw pour boiling water (200ml) per hour is maintained, filter. Drink the infusion should be at 0, 25 3-4r cups / day.

5. The juice is made from clover stems, flowers, leaves, plant. Drink it in 1/4 or 1/3 cup, mixed with honey 3-4 p / day.

For external use red clover teas prepared by the same recipes.

In addition, the beneficial properties of red clover can be used for the prevention of the diseases that the plant helps to cure. To do this, you can regularly make and drink tea from the flowers of clover and fresh young leaves make salads.


Clover can not be used for therapeutic purposes to pregnant women, those who have found varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, estragenozavisimy cancer, there is a tendency to diarrhea, and those who are concerned about chronic stomach pains. It is undesirable to take the clover infusions and decoctions for heart disease, stroke.