Quercetin formula

Quercetin - a drug that is involved in tissue metabolism.

The pharmacological action of quercetin

Quercetin - a radio and cardioprotective, capillary stabilizing agent with regenerative, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antispasmodic, anti-sclerotic effect.

Product form

Quercetin released in granules.


According to the instructions Quercetin is indicated for children and adults after 12L to prevent, treat radiation injuries provoked gamma X-ray radiation therapy, treatment of periodontal disease, ulcers and erosive lesions of the oral mucosa, purulent inflammatory diseases of soft tissues.

Good reviews of quercetin is used in treatment of vertebral, pain, menopausal syndromes, spinal osteochondrosis neuroreflex symptoms, chronic glomerulonephritis.

Quercetin is effective for the prevention of ulcers and erosive lesions of the upper digestive system caused by nesteroidami.

Quercetin is used in coronary heart disease, dystonia neurocirculatory, angina.

Instructions for use of quercetin

 For external use 2 or 1g quercetin dissolved in hot water (10 and 5 mL), bringing to the consistency of a gel.

With gel treat periodontal, erosion and ulcers in the mouth - one p / day apply it to the affected areas.

The use of quercetin into prescribed to patients living in the contaminated areas. The tool gives children and adults after 12l of 1g (0, 5 tablespoons of tea) two p / day. Quercetin Take before a meal, a half hour after dissolving the granules in 0, 5 st.vody.

In the complex treatment of purulent inflammatory diseases of tissues after the drug is prescribed to children and adults into the 12L and topically in dosages of 2 or 1g pellets are diluted in 10 or 5 ml of hot water for local use and for oral diluted 0, 5 tablespoons of tea funds 0 5 st.vody - drink two p / day.

For the prevention, treatment of lesions in radiation sickness Quercetin is taken orally and topically.

The gel is applied 2-3 p / night on the damaged areas. Inside after children and adults taking 12L by means 1g diluted in 0, 5 st.vody 3-4 p / day. The solution was insisting and drink half an hour before a meal.

Patients with chronic glomerulonephritis, coronary heart disease, vertebral, pain, menopausal syndrome, the symptoms of osteoarthritis neuroreflex give 3g of the drug per day. The same dose is used to prevent ultserogennogo nesteroidov.

For the prevention of gastric ulcers during treatment prescribed non-steroidal drug in dosage 6gr - three rows of 2g / day.

When dystonia neurocirculatory teens taking prescribed 2g quercetin 2 p / day for 30dn.

Side effects

There are reviews of quercetin cause rashes and itching (hypersensitive reaction). Use of the drug in case of adverse effects should be abolished.

Contraindications to the use of quercetin

According to the instructions Quercetin can not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the drug, pregnancy, breastfeeding.