Qudesan Q10
 Qudesan is a dietary supplement with antioxidant properties, is used to promote overall health and normalization of metabolic processes.

Pharmacological action

Influence Qudesan to stimulation of redox processes due to the action of two of its components - coenzyme Q 10 (ubiquinone) and vitamin E (tocopherol).

Coenzyme Q 10 Qudesan gives the ability to protect cells against free radicals, promote other antioxidants in restoring their activity, to prevent the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels.

Coenzyme Q 10 should ideally be generated in each cell of an organism, however, age, various diseases, medication, excessive physical and mental stress leads to reduced synthesis of the substance. Coenzyme Q 10 deficiency leads to the fact that there are disturbances in the body in energy production and preservation of cellular structures, there is a weakening immunity, reduced activity, the occurrence of fatigue.

Qudesan Q 10 eliminates all the symptoms that accompany ubiquinone deficiency in the body, as well as to effectively fight against aging.

Ability Qudesan Q 10 to stabilize cell membranes, causes the effectiveness of the drug in the complex treatment and prevention of heart disease. Qudesan, reviews confirm the positive effect on the condition of children 3-14 years old, suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy (a disease of the myocardium with a typical extension of all heart chambers).

Vitamin E contained in Qudesan also has an antioxidant effect and also enhances the effect of coenzyme Q 10.

Indications Qudesan

Qudesan Q 10 is advisable to apply as an additional source of ubiquinone and vitamin E. Appoint Qudesan manual recommends to:

  • prevention and comprehensive treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart failure;
  • prevention and comprehensive treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome and asthenic disorders (emotional lability, weakness, sleep disturbances);
  • restore the antioxidant status of the organism, which served as a reason for failure adverse environmental conditions;
  • health improvement and normalization of metabolic processes;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • slowing down the process of premature aging;
  • combat skin changes that accompany aging.

Qudesan children effective as a remedy for chronic metabolic tachyarrhythmias, cardiomyopathy syndrome elongated interval QT, sick sinus syndrome, arrhythmias, changes in the myocardium.

Reviews Qudesan show positive results of the drug in the neurological and endocrine diseases.


Qudesan not assigned intolerance ubiquinone or vitamin E, as well as children younger than 3 years.

Instructions for use Qudesan

This drug is available in the form of an aqueous solution of 1 ml containing 30 mg koenzimaQ 10 and 4, 5 mg of vitamin E, and the tablets (Qudesan Forte), containing active ingredients in the same proportions as in 1 mL of solution. Qudesan Forte contains also a solution of 1 ml containing 60 mg of coenzyme Q 10 and 6, 8 mg of vitamin E. Qudesan for children available in the form of tablets containing 7. 5 mg Coenzyme Q 10 and 1 mg of vitamin E.

Qudesan in the form of a solution for oral administration, however, requires the prior dilution or drink boiled water. Children over 12 and adults solution Qudesan manual recommends taking 1 per day for 0, 5 ml (10-11 drops).

 Qudesan children
 Qudesan Forte solution for adults and children older than 14 years should take 1 per day 5 drops, and under constant emotional and physical stress - 10 drops. Qudesan Forte appointed as a tablet 1 time a day for 1 pcs. while eating.

Qudesan for children is recommended to take 1 per day: patients 3-7 years - 1 table., 7-14 - Table 1-2., Over 14 years - 2 tablets.

The duration of Qudesan - 1-2 months, the frequency of application - 2 courses per year.

side effects

Qudesan reviews describe as an effective and safe drug use is only in rare cases can cause an allergic reaction.

Additional Information

Keep Qudesan instruction recommends in a dark place where the temperature does not rise above 25 0 FROM.

When stored the drug will remain valid for 2 years.