Pyrogenalum - drug, anti-inflammatory effect
 Pyrogenalum - the preparation of bacterial origin with immunostimulatory activity.

Pharmacological action

Pyrogenalum an immunomodulator with a broad spectrum of action, activating the fibrinolytic, reticuloendothelial and the hypothalamic-pituitary system. The drug endowed with anti-inflammatory and desensitizing properties that influence the temperature-control centers of the hypothalamus and also increases the specific and general resistance of the organism.

Instruction pirogenalom: dosage and application

Intramuscularly, 1 time / day every other day, in some cases, the drug is diluted 0, 9% sodium chloride solution. Single dose pirogenal initially - 0 2 ug dose is gradually further increased by 2, 5-5 ug. The maximum threshold for a single dose - 100 micrograms. The initial rate is a full - 10-30 injections, the repetition rate is possible in 2-3 months. During the pyrotherapy - application pirogenal begins with 5-10 mg / m 1 times / day, followed by an increase in dose to 100-150 mg. The pauses between injections - 1-2 days.

According to the instructions, Pyrogenalum taken rectally, 1 suppozit. day after day, or every day, the initial dose - 50 mg, the maximum dose - 200 micrograms. The total course of treatment - 12-15 suppozit. When using pirogenal as monotherapy for the purpose immunorehabilitation during incomplete recovery after treatment of acute viral or bacterial diseases should be used suppositories 50-100 mg with a course of treatment 5-10 suppositories.

It is also possible simultaneous treatment / m injections and suppositories.


  • Burn disease;
  • Infertility, inflammation of uterine appendages;
  • Clouding of the cornea, iridocyclitis, uveitis, herpetic eye infection;
  • Urethritis, prostatitis, chronic form, and the obstruction of the urethra;
  • Pyrogenalum used to pyrotherapy;
  • In psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases;
  • With sexually transmitted diseases;
  • In the presence of adhesions between the organs in the abdominal cavity;
  • In chronic liver disease;
  • In tuberculosis (torpid in shape and phase of resolution);
  • For injuries of the peripheral and central nervous system of the National Assembly.

Contraindications to receive pirogenal

  • Pregnancy;
  • Blood diseases;
  • Diseases such as chronic decompensated and exacerbation (excluding disease is an indication for the use of pirogenal);
  • Diseases characterized by acute fever.

Based on reviews pirogenalom, it should be used with caution in: convulsions and febrile convulsions, lowering the seizure threshold, diabetes, kidney disease and cardiovascular system.

Lactation and pregnancy

 Immunostimulatory drug Pyrogenalum
 Contraindicated during pregnancy.

Side effects pirogenal

According to the reviews of pirogenalom in some cases there may be chills, malaise, fever; rarely - pain, shivering, pyrexia (up to 39, 5 ° C), headache.


If the / m injection after 3-8 hours. Manifest symptoms such as malaise, pyrexia, chills, the dose, which has involved a similar reaction to re-appoint and enter the following days (1-3 days) until the end of the reaction, after which the dosage is incremented.

If, after receiving pirogenal for 6-8 hours. Exhibit strong chills, back pain, pyrexia up to 39, 5 ° C, headache, it is desirable to reduce the dosage of the drug. During use of the drug for all of the above reaction pyrotherapy allowed.

When viewed convulsive Pyrogenalum prescribed the therapy directed against convulsions.

Precautions The drug should be used in kidney diseases.