Puregon 100 IU

Puregon (international name - follitropin beta) refers to a group of follicle-stimulating agents for the treatment of infertility and the normalization of ovulation. The preparation promotes the growth and maturation of follicles and stimulates the synthesis of steroid hormones in the body.

Structure and Composition

The main active ingredient - follitropin beta 5-15 micrograms.

Excipients: Polysorbate, sucrose, methionine, dihydrate, sodium hydroxide, purified water.

Puregon comes in the form of a solution for intramuscular injection, placed in vials of 10 pieces. in a cardboard box.

Pharmacological action Puregona

Puregon is actively ekstrogenopodobnoe action and stimulates the development of follicles. The active ingredients of the drug filling shortage of follicle-stimulating hormone.

Positive feedback Puregon is an effective drug for the treatment of infertility in women. When carrying out artificial insemination Puregon promotes fertility by increasing the synthesis of steroids and growth of follicles.

Follitropin beta stimulates ovulation in the complex therapy for infertility treatment (IVF, ICSI, krioperenos, artificial insemination).

Step Puregona begins within the first 12 hours after administration of the solution and lasts for 24-30 hours. Bioavailability is 75-77%. The active ingredients are derived Puregona within 40 hours.


Indications for Puregona are malfunctions of the reproductive system in women, lack of ovulation (anoovulyatsiya), polycystic ovary syndrome and infertility hypothalamic-pituitary type.

Good reviews Puregon was as effective drug for ovarian stimulation during IVF and other programs for conception.

Instructions for use Puregona

 Puregon set

By Puregon instructions assigned to individual patient indications, depending on the type of sexual dysfunction and infertility. In the presence of endocrine diseases drug should not be prescribed.

The initial dose is 50 micrograms for 5-7 days, 2 times a day, and then the dosage is increased until the growth of ovarian follicles and reaction. Over the next 5-14 days Puregona solution is introduced before the preovulyatsii and estradiol levels in the plasma of 900 to 300 pg / mg.

The duration of therapy aimed at the treatment of infertility, should be established by the attending physician at the patient's indications. If the concentration of estradiol increased sharply, it is necessary to reduce the dosage of the drug for 2-4 days.

In accordance with the instructions Puregona for artificial insemination is appointed following the dosage:

  • the initial stage (first 3-4 days) - 150 mcg;
  • main phase (7-14 days) - 70 to 300 micrograms.

During treatment Puregonom should hold regular diagnostic procedures (ultrasound, blood analysis, hormonal analysis) to control the hormones women and to determine the concentration of estradiol. Special gynecological examinations and procedures required after artificial fertilization, because they are intended to avoid multiple pregnancies.


Puregon is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity and intolerance to the components of the drug, diseases of the endocrine system, and tumors of various etiologies, uterine bleeding, ovarian dysfunction, abnormalities in the development and functioning of reproductive organs, fibroma, kidney and liver failure, pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects Puregona

Puregon can cause ovarian hyperfunction syndrome, whose symptoms are pain in the lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, ascites, ovarian enlargement, hydrothorax.

The drug can cause allergic reactions - itching, burning, skin rash, urticaria.

In rare cases, incorrect dosage possible risk of multiple pregnancy, uterine bleeding and thromboembolism.