Pulmeks a drug with an active antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action. The drug is used topically for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system.  Pulmeks ointment

Structure and Composition Pulmeksa

The main active ingredients - rosemary oil 50 mg, oil of eucalyptus leaves 50 mg and 60 mg of Peruvian balsam.

Auxiliary components: sodium hydroxide, carbomer, polysorbate, vanillin, purified water.

Pulmeks manufactured as an ointment 20 g aluminum tubes, placed in a cardboard box.

Pharmacological properties Pulmeksa

Pulmeks ointment is the combined type with expectorant and antiseptic. The preparation contains in its composition the active substances of plant origin. Oil of eucalyptus and rosemary reduce the viscosity of mucus in the bronchi, eliminate inflammation in the airways and enhances immunity.

Mucolytic action is achieved by increasing the activity of the cilia of the ciliated epithelium and secretion of the bronchi. Pulmeks effectively relieves spasms of smooth muscles of the bronchial tubes and eliminates cough.

Pulmeks, thanks to its natural components of the drug can be administered since infancy - 6 months. When applying ointment Pulmeks to a healthy baby skin irritation and there is no itching.


Pulmeks appointed in infectious and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract and upper respiratory tract infections: bronchitis, tracheitis, asthma, pneumonia, influenza and acute respiratory disease.

Instructions for use Pulmeksa

According to the instructions assigned Pulmeks adults and children (from 6 months), 2 times a day. Ointment in a small amount should be applied to the surface of the chest and back, and then a light circular motion rub into skin until absorbed. The area of ​​application should be covered with warm, dry cloth.

In accordance with the instruction Pulmeks not be applied to mucous membranes, open wounds, the surface of the skin irritation or allergy, damaged skin (scratches, abrasions, burns).

Children from 6 months Pulmeks appointed as part of a comprehensive anti-inflammatory and antiviral therapy. At the first sign of side effects, parents should immediately seek help from a doctor.

If you get the ointment in your eyes, immediately rinse them with plenty of cold water. Also, an ointment can not be taken orally.

If you experience symptoms of overdose (accidental ingestion) Pulmeksom, including vomiting, dizziness, irritation of the skin and seizures, it is necessary to gastric lavage. For emergency use a laxative to cleanse the body salt solution and activated carbon, and then consult your doctor.  Baby Pulmeks


Contraindication to Pulmeksa are intolerance and hypersensitivity to the drug, pregnancy and breastfeeding, up to 6 months, as well as allergic reactions and damaged skin.

The drug is not recommended if the patient has an increased sensitivity of the skin to the Peruvian balsam.

Precautions Pulmeks assigned patients with epileptic syndrome.

Side effects Pulmeksa

Clinical studies revealed no serious side effects and complications caused by ointment Pulmeks.

In rare cases, allergic reactions may occur - itching, burning, hives, skin rashes, dermatitis, angioedema.