Prozhestozhel - hormonal drug for the treatment of mastitis.  Prozhestozhel 1%

Pharmacological action

Prozhestozhel comprises progesterone, which blocks estrogen, and as a consequence, reduces compression of milk ducts, results in decreased milk production.

Positive feedback on Prozhestozhele associated with the fact that topical application of the drug avoids systemic exposure of the body and of progesterone on the negative side effects of the hormone.

Product form

Prozhestozhel produced in the form of a gel.

Indications Prozhestozhelya

The gel is used for the treatment of diffuse fibrocystic breast and mastodynia, including such that it evolved out of the use of oral contraceptives, at puberty, during pre-menopause or due to premenstrual tension.

Instructions Prozhestozhelya: how to use

Apply the product on the chest 1-2 times a day with the help of the dispenser-applicator. One dose of the gel (2, 5 g) containing 0, 025 g of progesterone. Rub the gel into the skin of the breast is impossible.

Use gel Prozhestozhel daily or only in the second phase of the menstrual cycle - from 16 to 25 days. Treatment of mastitis or mastodynia lasts no more than three cycles.

After applying Prozhestozhelya can not be exposed to direct sunlight.  Prozhestozhel gel

side effects

After applying Prozhestozhelya may feel chest pain, intermenstrual bleeding and start "ebb", fever, nausea, headache, libido may deteriorate.

There are also reviews of Prozhestozhele indicating that after using the gel on the site of its application appear redness, swelling of the neck or started mouth.

Contraindications Prozhestozhelyu

According to the instructions Prozhestozhel contraindicated in breast cancer and genital organs, nodal forms of fibrocystic breast, 2-3 trimesters of pregnancy, hypersensitivity to progesterone gel and excipients.

Be wary appoint Prozhestozhel women suffering liver failure, asthma, migraine, depression, epilepsy, renal insufficiency, phlebitis, thrombosis, thromboembolic disorders, hypertension, diabetes, and those who have found an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage.

Nursing women medication prescribed Prozhestozhel in rare cases.

In the appointment of treatment into account that the action of the gel can be enhanced by combining it with the combined contraceptive drugs.