Proviron - a drug that compensates for a lack of male sex hormones
 Proviron - drug compensates produce male hormones.

Pharmacological action

Proviron - it is androgenic, stimulates the development of male secondary sexual characteristics of male sexual organs, the production of red blood cells, which increases potency and libido, accelerating bone growth.

There are reviews of Proviron, confirming what he shows anabolic activity, contributes to the accumulation of the protein in the tissues.

The active ingredient of the drug - Mesterolone.

Product form

The product is produced in tablets.

The only analogue Proviron - Mesterolone.

Indications for use Proviron

Proviron is prescribed for impotence, hypogonadal, gipoandrogenii flowing with relevant clinical manifestations of male infertility caused by a shortage of Leydig cells and oligospermia (insufficient volume of seminal fluid).

The drug is used exclusively for the treatment of men. During therapy is recommended to regularly check the condition of the prostate gland.

Proviron Guide: how to use

 Proviron tablets
 In poor potency and gipoandrogenii take Proviron 75 mg daily until the condition improves. After this, taking the drug for several months by 25-50 mg.

For the treatment of hypogonadism take 25-50 mg three times a day. The treatment shows long until manifest secondary sexual characteristics. As maintenance therapy for taking Proviron 50-75 mg two or three doses daily.

When male infertility prescribe Proviron 50-75 mg a day - to increase the number and quality of sperm. Take the drug for 90 days - so many lasts one cycle of spermatogenesis. Multiplicity use Proviron - 2 or 3 times a day. After 90 days, take a break - 2-3 weeks and repeat the treatment.

In order to increase the level of fructose in seminal fluid, taking the drug for several months at 50 mg per day. Divide the daily dosage into two stages.

Side effects Proviron

There are reviews of Proviron, pointing to the possibility of on-treatment prolonged or frequent erection unrelated to sexual stimulation.

Recorded as rare cases of malignant and benign tumors of the liver, which led to abdominal bleeding, so the patient is warned to contact your doctor if you have pain in the upper abdomen.


Proviron and an analogue of the drug should not be administered in case of hypersensitivity to Mesterolone.

Also according to the instructions Proviron with caution prescribe the drug to boys up to 16 years.

It is not recommended to use the drug to build muscle for those who do not need it for health reasons, for example, athletes.