Protopic belongs to a group of drugs that relieve inflammation on the skin.

Composition, structure, packaging

 Protopic relates to anti-inflammatory drugs, which are used only for outdoor use
 Available in the form of a homogeneous ointment 0, 03%. Appointed for external use only. Has white, white-yellow tsvet.100 Mr. Protopic ointment contains 30 mg of tacrolimus.

The instructions to Protopic stated that his additional components include liquid paraffin (11 mg), white bees wax (3, 5 mg), white soft paraffin (77, 47 mg), propylene (5 mg), solid paraffin (3 mg ).

Additionally, Protopic produced as a homogeneous ointment 0, 1%. It has white, white and yellow. 100 g of product containing 100 mg tacrolimus.

Additional substances include liquid paraffin (11 mg), white bees wax (3, 5 mg), white soft paraffin (77, 47 mg), propylene (5 mg), solid paraffin (3 mg).

Sold in plastic tubes of 10 g, 30 g and '60

The pharmacological action of Protopic

The instructions to Protopic noted that the drug belongs to the anti-inflammatory drugs, which are used only for external use. The advantage of this formulation is that its main component has no effect on collagen synthesis and does not cause skin atrophy.

Indications for use Protopic

Most often Protopic Protopic and analogues administered to patients who have atopic dermatitis occurs (severe and moderate forms). This is done in cases when other drugs do not help patients or no adverse reactions to the components of Protopic. Children aged 2-16 years are designated only 0, 03% Protopic. Adults and children over 16 years old can use the ointment 0, 1% and 0, 03%.


Protopic Ointment is contraindicated in:

  • When lamellar ichthyosis.
  • The feedback to Protopic said that the ointment may not be used during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Do not use if the patient syndrome Netherton or other genetic skin diseases.
  • If your skin reacts badly to the ointment.
  • Do not apply to children aged 2-16 years 0, 1% Protopic ointment.
  • It is strictly forbidden to put the children up to 2 years.
  • If patients have a hypersensitivity to the main and auxiliary components of the drug.

In need of additional counseling patients with hepatic insufficiency, very large lesions of the skin, children, the sick and those who for quite a long time, use this drug.

Dosing and dosing regimen of Protopic

The instructions to Protopic say that this ointment is applied to adults and children with a thin layer to the affected areas of the skin (including the neck, face, skin folds). Avoid contact with the ointment on the mucous membranes, as well as a tight bandage used in various parts of the body.

Children aged 2 to 16 years should start treatment with the use of Protopic 0, 03% to 2 times a day. Common course of treatment is a maximum of 3 weeks. Thereafter, 1 ointment applied once a day to complete cleansing.

Adults and children over 16 years of treatment begins with the application of 0, 1% of the funds up to 2 times a day. In the case of rapid improvements can be applied 0 03% or lower drug dosage.

Elderly people in further consultation regarding the dosage Protopic is not needed.

Usually noticeable improvement in patients already after 7 days of treatment. If there is no improvement after 14 days use of the drug, you should consult with a specialist.


The feedback to Protopic fixed that today overdoses were observed.

If the product enters into should not induce vomiting or stomach wash. It is necessary to seek help from a doctor, who will monitor the general condition of the body.

Interaction with other drugs

 Protopic is manufactured as a homogeneous ointment 0, 1%
 The instructions to Protopic indicated that the drug is not metabolized in the skin.

It is possible the simultaneous application of Protopic with drugs such as ketoconazole, erythromycin, diltiazem, itraconazole if the patient has severe disease large areas of skin or fixed erythroderma.

So far, not been medical studies that have confirmed the effect of the ointment on the process of vaccination. However, despite this, the application of Protopic vaccination may be less effective. To avoid such results, it is carried out before application of the ointment or 2 weeks after its use. If the patient is administered live attenuated vaccine, the process should start 28 days after the last day of using Protopic. In that case, if the interval can not survive, it is necessary to apply a different vaccine.

Numerous experiments show that children from 2 to 11 years can be applied to the skin and at the same time to enter Protopic conjugate vaccine.

Do not know the reaction of the human organism to the simultaneous use of Protopic ointment with others, intended for outdoor use, as well as immunosuppressants.

Side effects Protopic

The feedback to Protopic noted that often after the use of funds can be a feeling of a burning sensation of the skin, itching, redness, rash, and pain and swelling in a specific site of application of the drug. Pass them in the first week of treatment and are poorly marked.

The feedback to Protopic said that when applying ointment to the skin and the simultaneous use of alcohol in high amounts can provoke skin irritation.

Using ointment can provoke acne (very rare), folliculitis and herpes infection. With regard to the nervous system, it is often a hyperesthesia and paresthesia.

For all time after the appearance of Protopic Protopic and analogues in medical practice, it was noted a few cases in which the patient develops skin cancer, rosacea and other skin infections.

Conditions and terms of Protopic

The preparation and analogues Protopic should be stored away from children in a dark place at a temperature that will not exceed 25 degrees. Do not use after the expiry date (3 years).


Protopic should not be used in patients who take immunosuppressive drugs, and those who suffer from congenital or acquired immunodeficiency.

When using Protopic Protopic and analogues can not go to the solarium. Avoid contact with the body to sunlight, and it is impossible to carry out procedures with UV rays.

Protopic is strictly prohibited to put on the skin, lesions are defined as malignant. Within 2 hours after application to Protopic data can not be applied to areas of skin emollient creams and ointments. After using the ointment should be sure to wash your hands.