Protefiks pills

Protefiks - a series of resources to care for dentures.

Series Description Protefiks

Series "Protefiks" includes cream, powder and gaskets for fixing prostheses, active cleaner.

Cream Protefiks for prolonged fixation of prostheses - 12 hours is recommended for people with excessive salivation, prevents food under the prosthesis. Judging by the reviews, Protefiks cream is not washed away by saliva, and does not alter the taste of food.

The powder can be recommended for those who have minor problems with shrinkage of the prosthesis. It can be used at low and normal salivation, the taste of food and beverage means not distort.

Gaskets Protefiks dentists recommend their patients to use after the first installation of the prosthesis at the stage of getting used to it - they protect the gums from inflammation and grated. In addition, the pads help those who are deformed gums detected atypical structure of the jaw or atrophied alveolar bone of the jaw. With gaskets fixed prosthesis for 8 hours.

The cleanser contains Protefiks karoat potassium bicarbonate, sodium perborate, sodium lauryl sulfate, citric acid, peppermint oil. The tool is designed for the rapid purification of dentures from bacteria, small food debris, to remove tartar and plaque. Reviews Protefikse confirm that cleaner without damaging the surface of prostheses and regular use of funds allows you to keep their color. After treatment, dentures and set them in his mouth felt a pleasant mint flavor.

Instructions Protefiksa: how to use

Cream powder Protefiks thin layer is applied to wet dentures before they are installed.

The fixing pads moistened and put a prosthesis. Change them daily and should be recommended to rinse your mouth well after removing the old gasket.

Cleaner is used as follows: from the tablets Protefiks prepare a warm solution (100-150 ml of water accounts for one cleaner tablet), it is 15 minutes put the prosthesis washed. After 15 minutes the denture is taken out, washed well with running water

Dentists recommend a daily basis to clean dentures by using.

 Protefiks packaging

Side effects

Cream powder, gaskets, cleaner does not cause serious side effects, but there are reviews of Protefikse indicating that the funds can cause allergies. Most often, the appearance of a local allergic reaction associated with individual intolerance.

In order to avoid allergic reactions can use a special cream hypoallergenic fixation Protefiks should also be carefully rinsed after treatment denture cleaner.


The instructions Protefiksa stated that the appearance of reactions of individual intolerance means you can not use them.