Prostopin - anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of prostatitis and hemorrhoids.  Prostopin

Pharmacological action

Prostopin - a combined preparation, which included are pollen, propolis, mountain poliflerny honey, royal jelly, obnozhka.

Ambrosia - is treated with enzymes bee pollen, has antimicrobial, antifungal, tonic, anti-inflammatory effect. It has been observed that men pollen improves potency, relieves swelling of the prostate, improves urine flow.

Propolis has a strong immunostimulant, antifungal, antibacterial, regenerative, analgesic, anti-tumor effect.

Mountain poliflerny honey promotes healing of tissue, reduces inflammation, stimulates the immune system.

Royal Jelly restores metabolism, improves nutrition of tissues, stimulates the endocrine system, immune system, increases potency, sperm production, tones and rejuvenates, prevents the development of tumors.

Obnozhka - a pollen collected from medicinal plants used to treat diseases of the large intestine and prostate.

Product form

Prostopin produced in the form of rectal suppositories.

Indications Prostopina

Prostopin of instruction prescribed for chronic, acute prostatitis, including infectious origin; Benign enlargement of the prostate; urethritis; erectile dysfunction; reducing the number and activity of sperm; paraproctitis, hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis, proctosigmoiditis; anal fissures and ulcers.

There are good reviews about Prostopine used as a tonic and tonic patients with weak immune systems, those who are under constant stress, malnourished or carries heavy exercise.

Instructions Prostopina: how to use

Rectal suppositories Prostopin introduced into the anus once a day after a bowel movement or enema, for 15-30 days.

After the first year make a break for two or three months, and the treatment is carried out repeatedly.  Rectal suppositories Prostopin

side effects

In most cases, judging by the reviews, Prostopin well tolerated, but may develop an allergy to the components of candles.


If you are allergic to honey, other bee products can not be used Prostopin.

Pregnant and lactating women due to the natural composition of candles can be used, but only after prior consultation with a gynecologist and pediatrician.