Prostatilen - agent for the treatment of prostate diseases, natural (animal) origin.

Structure and Composition

 Prostatilen lyophilisate
 The active ingredient of the drug is prostatilen, representing a complex of peptides, soluble in water, obtained by extraction of the prostate gland of cattle (steers) reaches the age of sexual maturity.

The drug comes in the form of:

  • Rectal suppositories; 1 suppository contains 0, 03 g prostatilen and auxiliary substances: glycine (stabilizer), polyethylene 1500, dimethylsulfoxide (excipients). In one pack contains one or two blisters, each containing 5 suppositories;
  • Lyophilized (dried by freezing in vacuum) powder for injection in vials, each vial contains prostatilen 5mg, 20mg 5mg glycine and excipients. In one package of 10 vials.

Pharmacological action prostatilen

Prostatilen keeps the cells of the prostate gland in the presence of inflammation in it, providing a versatile prostatoprotektornoe action. It helps reduce swelling by reducing inflammatory leukocyte infiltration of the prostate, improving microcirculation and eliminating hemostasis caused by stagnation of platelets in venules, reducing the production of platelets and preventing their aggregation. Strengthens blood vessels, which also helps to reduce congestion and edema in these cancer tissues.

It has a stimulating effect on local immunity, normalizes the production of antibodies and stimulating neutrophil activity, thereby producing increased anti-inflammatory effect. Acts normalizing on the secretory function of epithelial cells, improving the production and separation of glandular secretion.

It tones the muscular wall of the bladder, preventing urine to throw the opposite and stimulates the detrusor.

Has antibacterial effect, improves the quality of sperm, reviews Prostatilene from experts suggest that treatment with this drug allows you to align the hormones in men.

Indications prostatilen

In accordance with the instructions, Prostatilen indicated for the following pathologies of the prostate:

  • chronic prostatitis and its prevention in the presence of predisposition;
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia;
  • postoperative complications in the prostate gland;
  • interoretseptivnye copulatory dysfunction (erectile dysfunction caused by pathological changes in the prostate gland);
  • age-related dysfunction of the prostate.

Positive feedback from the side of the Prostatilene andrologov argue its effectiveness in:

  • secondary disorders of urination;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • excretory-toxic sterility;
  • surgical procedures performed on the pelvic organs.

Instructions for use prostatilen

Prostatilen suppositories are used by introducing deep into the rectum. A single dose is 1 suppository per day the drug is administered on the testimony of 1 or 2 times. When the prescribed dosage suppository 2 per day, the daily dose is divided into morning (1 soup.) And evening (one soup.). The course of treatment is from 5 to 10 days, on prescription.

In accordance with the instructions Prostatilen injections applied as follows: the contents of a vial (ampoule) should be dissolved in 2 ml of water for injection or isotonic sodium chloride solution or 0, 5% solution of novocaine. 1 administered intramuscularly once a day for 5-10mg (1-2 bottles), depending on the evidence. The course of treatment depending on the disease and the availability of the response to therapy, is from 5 to 10 days. Repeated treatment Prostatilenom possible not earlier than 1 month.  Prostatilen suppositories

Side effects

According to the available reviews of Prostatilene both by doctors and by patients, no side effects of its use were observed, except in cases of individual intolerance of one of the components of the drug. Characteristically, most recorded cases such component is a solution of novocaine used for dilution lyophilized powder prostatilen when administered by injection, not the components of the preparation.


According to the instructions, Prostatilen not indicated for use only in case you are hypersensitive to its components (peptides).

The drug is not used in children.

Terms and conditions of storage

Keep out of direct sunlight when air temperature 8-15ºS.

Keep away from the reach of children.

Prostatilen in pharmacies without prescription.