Prostaplant - a drug for the treatment of urinary disorders.

Pharmacological action

Prostaplant - it is herbal, anti-inflammatory, anti-androgenic properties, effectively relieves swelling of the prostate.  Prostaplant in blisters

Antiandrogen effect of the drug is realized by the ability of its active ingredient to suppress the transition of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which leads, in turn, to the cessation of the pathological proliferation of prostate tissue.

In addition, the drug reduces the vascular permeability, the pressure on the urethra and bladder, urinary ducts improve urodynamics.

Positive feedback on Prostaplante confirm that the drug reduces the severity of symptoms, often accompanied by benign prostatic hyperplasia - pain and tension in the crotch, inadequate emptying of the bladder, reducing the amount of urine, frequent urination.

Prostaplant not affect the potency, the level of LH, follicle-stimulating hormone and testosterone.

The active ingredient of the drug - extract Sereno creeping.

Product form

Prostaplant release capsules.


The drug is prescribed to men diagnosed with prostate hyperplasia 1-2 degrees - for the treatment of urinary disorders provoked by the disease.

Instructions Prostaplanta: how to use

Prostaplant take one capsule a day. Swallow it whole, washed down with water.  Prostaplant capsules

Treatment of urination disorders shown long - not less than three months.

Side effects Prostaplanta

There are reviews of Prostaplante, cause nausea, gastralgia, allergies, heartburn.

In order to avoid the development of side effects from the digestive tract, it is recommended to take the capsule after a meal. If such a measure will not bring results, and abdominal pain or heartburn will still be felt, it should reconsider the approach to treatment.

Data on drug overdose has been reported.


Prostaplant of instructions are not prescribed for allergies to its active ingredient, malignant hyperplasia.

The caution is recommended to take the medicine to patients who have previously been diagnosed with gastrointestinal diseases.

No evidence of drug interactions drug adversely affect the patient's health status.