Prostamol - phytopreparation to treat inflammation of the prostate gland.  Prostamol

Pharmacological action

Prostamol has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, reduces swelling of the prostate, reduces the permeability of blood vessels.

Note that the application does not Prostamol reduces prostate, but it gives you the opportunity to stop the increase in size due to the inhibition of enzyme activity, causes increased cell growth - so implemented anti-androgenic effects of the drug.

The active substance Prostamol - extract prepared from the fruit sabal palm (Sabal Serrulata).

Product form

Prostamol release capsules.

As an analogy, you can use drugs Prostamol Prostagut, Serpens, Permikson.

Indications Prostamol

Phytopreparation indicated for the treatment of functional disorders of urination, provoked by benign prostatic hyperplasia 1 and 2 degrees.

There are good reviews about Prostamol from patients with chronic prostatitis (in this case, the drug included in a comprehensive treatment of the disease), and violation of urination, arising from the increase in size of the prostate (dysuria), which is accompanied by symptoms such as pain and an increase in the number of urinary urgency to urinate.

Thanks to its vegetable origin product is compatible with many drugs, which makes it possible to use it in treatment of hyperplasia or prostatitis, and assign it to elderly patients.

Instructions Prostamol: how to use

Take one capsule drug per day, preferably at the same time.  Capsules Prostamol

Prostamol chew the capsules are not recommended, take them after meals.

Duration of therapy establishes a doctor. Judging by the reviews of Prostamol treatment in most cases lasts for at least a month, then assess its effectiveness and the decision of termination or continuation of therapy. Carrying out of 1-2 or more, repeated courses of treatment.

Side effects

Patients who took the drug Prostamol and analogues, noted that they cause them heartburn, abdominal pain, nausea. In order to avoid the pain, it is recommended to wash down the capsule with water and heartburn, if it fails, preparation should be canceled.

An allergic reaction (rash, swelling) is also not excluded.


The only contra-indicated in the instructions Prostamol is drug intolerance.