Prospan - phytopreparation used to treat coughs.  Prospan

Pharmacological action

The drug Prospan reduces the viscosity of phlegm, it helps its conclusion has bronchospasmolytic and expectorant action.

The main active ingredient of the drug - an extract of ivy, which has anti-inflammatory, toning and antiseptic properties.

Excipient slept - 30% alcohol has antimicrobial action.

Product form

Prospan produced in the form of droplets for inhalation and ingestion, effervescent tablets, syrup.

Analogs slept: Gedeliks and ivy leaf extract.

Indications slept

The drops and pills prescribed to patients suffering from chronic or acute inflammation of the airways, accompanied by a wet cough with phlegm outgoing bad.

Instructions slept: how to use

Children from year to 3 years to drink a drop of Prospan give 3-5 times a day, 10 drops; children aged 4-7 liters. You can give 15 drops; children after 7 l. - 20 drops.

Take Prospan recommended before meals, and for young children can be mixed with a drop of water.

Duration of treatment is determined individually in each case, depending on the severity of the disease, but to take the medicine less than a week is not recommended. It should also be borne in mind that after the cough disappears, taking drops (tablets) need another 2-3 days.

Before use, the vial with drops of recommended shake.

Prospan suitable for all kinds of inhalers which operate without heating.

Judging by the reviews of Prospane, before the procedure drops should be diluted with water (1: 2) - in order to avoid the appearance of irritation from the alcohol.

For carrying out one inhalation requires 20-25 drops formulation. Carry out the procedure is not more than 5 times per day.

The effervescent tablet is dissolved before use in 200 ml of water. Children 4-12 liters. can be given by poltabletki three times a day (equivalent to 97 and 5 mg of extract of ivy). Children older than 12 liters. It can be given as much as two tablets per day.

Syrup Prospan adults appoint 15-22, 5 ml per day (three times with 7, 5, or 5 ml); children 6-14 liters. administered 15 ml; children 0-6 liters. - 7, 5 ml (three doses at 2, 5 mL).  Prospan drops

Side effects

Prospan and analogues medications rarely cause serious side effects, but the possibility of an allergic reaction due to intolerance or alcohol extract of ivy is not excluded.

There are reviews of Prospane syrup, indicating that he may have a mild laxative effect.

Contraindications Prospanu

Prospan can not be given to children under one year, in case of hypersensitivity to the constituents, fructose intolerance, patients suffering from alcoholism, and those who can not for health reasons to make ethanol.

Nursing, pregnant women are not recommended to take the medicine.

Prospanom inhalation may provoke asthma, laryngospasm, they are contraindicated for children under two years.

According to the instructions Prospan cautiously prescribed for traumatic brain injury, diseases of the brain and liver, and diabetes mellitus.

Concomitant use slept with antitussives, since it can lead to stagnation of phlegm and cause a complication of the disease.