Proscar - means for treating prostatic hyperplasia.  Proscar

Pharmacological action Proscar

Proscar inhibits the enzyme that converts testosterone into the more active form - dihydrotestosterone, and reduces its concentration in the prostate tissue and blood, which in turn helps to reduce the growth of prostatic adenoma.

Good reviews of Proscar indicate that long-term use of the drug is reduced urination and prostate shrinks.

The active ingredient of the drug - finasteride.

Product form

Proscar release tablets.


Prescribe medication to patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia to prevent urological complications and surgery.

The instructions Proscar also noted that the medicine can be prescribed for the prevention of men with an enlarged prostate to reduce its size, improve urinary flow and relieve symptoms arising from benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Instructions Proscar: how to use

Proscar is prescribed for specified indications to take a tablet a day. From eating the drug is independent.

Reviews of Proscar confirm its efficacy in prostate hyperplasia, as an independent drug, in combination with doxazosin - vasodilator drugs used at an elevated pressure.

Older patients, those who suffer from renal insufficiency, the correction circuit does not require treatment.  Proscar Tablets

side effects

Under the effect of Proscar may be a violation of ejaculation, testicular pain and chest, the deterioration of potency, allergic reactions - rash, swelling of face and lips, taking into consideration that long-term use of the drug in the strength and frequency of side effects is less pronounced.

No information about the possibility of adverse side effects due to an overdose of medication. In experimental studies, patients received 400 mg once Proscar and 80 mg per day for three months - the undesirable side effects were observed.


Proscar should not be used according to instructions in case of hypersensitivity to Finasteride. With care prescribe a drug for men who have had a large amount of residual urine or significantly reduced the flow of urine.

Clinically significant drug interactions have been recorded finasteride.