Promisan is a dietary supplement, source of flavonoids, positively affects the function of female genitalia.  Dietary supplement Promisan

Structure and Composition Promisana

Promisan release capsules of 550 mg. The main active components of the preparation are green tea extract, a plant extract from cruciferous and mineral premix. Additional components Promisana are lactose and aerosil.

According to the instructions, Promisan (each capsule) contains at least 45 mg of epigallocatechin-3-gallate and 90 mg of indole-3-carbinol. In addition, there are required in a preparation for body minerals: iodine, copper, iron, zinc, selenium, manganese.

Producing in a package of 30 and 120 capsules. The analogue Promisana are capsules Indinol.

Pharmacological action Promisana

In our country it is increasing annually statistics on the number of cancer. Permanently registered patients with this terrible diagnosis, and mostly already in the late stages of cancer. Unfortunately, for various reasons, his diagnosis in the early stages in our country presents certain difficulties, which is why we occupy a leading position in the number of deaths from cancer.

Cancer prone to people of any age and gender. According to statistics, women are most vulnerable to the reproductive system and mammary glands.

Today, medicine has not invented a cure for cancer in the later stages, but there are more drugs that can successfully combat this terrible disease at stages 1 and 2. According to the instructions, Promisan can be attributed specifically to these drugs. This supplement was developed several years ago by scientists Research Institute of Molecular Medicine, Moscow Medical Academy. IM Setchenov specifically for female genitalia.

According to reviews, Promisan helps to restore sensitivity to chemotherapy-growing tumors, inhibits the growth of cancer cells and slows down the process of division, suppresses the spread of metastasis.

Indications Promisana

According to the instructions, Promisan show women as biologically active food supplements, as an additional source of flavonoids, minerals and indole compounds.

Recommended Promisan correction and prevention of precancerous and hyperplastic diseases of the female reproductive organs (endometrial hyperplasia in non-infectious nature, cervical dysplasia, the prevention of breast cancer). The drug or analog Promisana shows women who are in the process of undergoing chemotherapy due to tumors of the reproductive system, regardless of hormonal status, as well as women who have had surgery due to a tumor to prevent metastasis.

Some doctors may appoint or equivalent Promisana drug for the prevention of various complications after abortion.

Dosing and dosing regimen

For prevention of cancer women take 1 capsule Promisana 1 time per day. Course duration is one month.  Dosage form Promisana - Capsules

To increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy reception Promisana, reviews, the best start for a couple of weeks before the first course of chemotherapy. Recommended intake: 2 capsules twice a day during a meal. The duration of therapy is 3-6 months (until the end of chemotherapy).

Promisan often prescribed in addition to a course of chemotherapy, which included present anticancer drugs such as daunorubicin, paclitaxel, doxorubicin, mitoxantrone, vincristine, etoposide.

Contraindications Promisanu

Since Promisan not a hormonal drug, its use even over a long period is safe.

According to the instructions, Promisan contraindicated for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The drug is not recommended for women who take drugs for reducing gastric proton pump inhibitors, antacids, H2-blockers.

Side effects Promisana

Since the drug consists only of the components of plant origin and is not toxic side effects Promisan practically no.

Some patients reported a Promisana undesirable side effects such as nausea, but only in the case of taking the drug on an empty stomach. Sometimes there may be a variety of allergic reactions manifesting as dermatitis, skin redness and itching.

Storage conditions

Promisan stored in a dry place away from children for no longer than two years.