Ursodeoxycholic acid

Ursodeoxycholic acid - hepatoprotective and choleretic agent.  Ursofalk - a drug based on ursodeoxycholic acid

The pharmacological properties of UDCA

Ursodeoxycholic acid is the origin of bile acid. It has in addition choleretic and liver protecting properties of the immunomodulatory effects, reduces the formation of gallstones and reduce cholesterol.

The mechanism of action of ursodeoxycholic acid is to stabilize the hepatic cells. Its molecules are able to be incorporated into the membrane of hepatocytes (liver cells) and make them more resistant to damage the aggressive media. Through safety education complexes with toxic bile acids Ursodeoxycholic acid neutralizes them by preventing a damaging effect on cell membranes.

Formulations UDCA affect hepatic recirculation of bile acids (their reabsorption from the intestine into the bile), they reduce intestinal absorption of cholesterol and thus have hypocholesterolemic effect.

Connecting with cholesterol content in the gallbladder, it increases the solubility of drug crystals of cholesterol, contributes to the destruction of gallstones and prevents the formation of new cholesterol stones. Furthermore, UDCA preparations reduce the formation of cholesterol in the liver directly, that is, reduce the amount of the substance throughout the body.

Immunomodulatory influence of ursodeoxycholic acid on the body is to normalize the activity of lymphocytes and antigen expression violation in the cells of the liver and hepatic ducts. Experts in the field of hepatology give positive reviews ursodeoxycholic acid as a means, significantly reduced liver fibrosis in primary biliary cirrhosis, cystic fibrosis, alcoholic fatty liver.

Drug absorbed in the small intestine (jejunum and to the ileum), 3 hours after administration blood concentration reached its maximum. Regular use of UDCA preparations leads to that it becomes the primary bile acid in the blood. In the body, it undergoes a series of transformations, whereupon as metabolites excreted in the feces in small quantities - urine.

Form release UDCA

According to the instructions the medicine is available in capsules of 250 mg. It is the main active ingredient of various pharmaceuticals choleretic action. On the basis of UDCA preparations designed such as:

  • Ursosan;
  • Ursofalk;
  • Urso;
  • Ursol;
  • Ursodeks.


Ursodeoxycholic acid is used as instructed in the complex treatment of gallstone disease, if they have cholesteol origin, and removing them surgically or endoscopically impossible. Cholesterol stones in size should be no larger than 2 cm after Lithotripsy (lithotripsy).  Ursosan - a drug based on ursodeoxycholic acid

Ursodeoxycholic acid is prescribed in cases of chronic active hepatitis with the stagnation of bile, in primary biliary cirrhosis to the stage of active fibrosis, cystic fibrosis at liver disease, biliary reflux esophagitis, acute hepatitis.

In the opinion of Ursodeoxycholic acid helps with biliary dyskinesia and holetsistopatii. Another area of ​​use - prevention of stagnation of bile while taking hormonal contraceptives, improved liver function in the treatment of cytostatics, as an aid to transplant liver and other organs.

Contraindications to the use of ursodeoxycholic acid

According to the instructions the drug is contraindicated in acute inflammation in the biliary tract and bladder (cholecystitis, cholangitis), liver cirrhosis in the stage of decompensation and severe activity, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, expressed violations kidney function. Individual intolerance - also a contraindication to ursodeoxycholic acid.

Instructions for use

Age restrictions to the use of the drug is not present, if necessary, ursodeoxycholic acid can be administered to neonates. Dose selected individually depending on the body weight and degree of symptoms of the disease. The average dose per day is 10 mg / kg, it is taken once in the evening. Duration of the courses and the number of ursodeoxycholic acid determined by the physician, they are different for different diseases. During treatment every 3 months is required to determine the level of liver enzymes, and by dissolving gallstones - every 6 months ultrasound and X-ray examination of the liver and biliary tract.

Side effect of ursodeoxycholic acid

According to the instructions based preparations ursodeoxycholic acid can sometimes cause a temporary increase in liver enzymes, itchy skin, allergic skin manifestations, calcification of gallstones, diarrhea.