Pregnacare - multivitamin complex for pregnant women.  Pregnacare

Pharmacological action Pregnacare

The composition Pregnacare included vitamins from the group B, vitamin D3, E, K, C, beta-carotene, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper. All these substances enable easier transfer pregnancy, boost immunity, prevent the appearance of anomalies in the development of the child.

Lactating women are also recommended to take Pregnacare since the product allows for the woman who gave birth recently to regain strength, improve the nervous system, to prevent the loss of calcium and other important minerals.

Product form

Vitamins Pregnacare release capsules.


Complex Pregnacare prescribed to women during pregnancy, breast-feeding for the prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiencies.

There Pregnacare positive feedback from women who took the vitamins during pregnancy planning.

Instructions Pregnacare: how to use

Vitamins Pregnacare taken after meals, one capsule a day. Chew the capsule can not swallow it entirely.

Pregnant women receiving Pregnacare need to ensure that the total amount of vitamin A consumed per day does not exceed 5000 IU.

Nursing women are advised to monitor the use of vitamin D. Its tolerable daily dosage during breastfeeding (and during pregnancy) is 600 IU.  Dosage form Pregnacare - Capsules

side effects

On the women taking Pregnacare, complained vomiting, gastralgia, nausea, impaired stool, indigestion. These cases are rare and are not widespread.

There are reviews of Pregnacare, indicating the possibility of allergic reactions, angioedema, rash, or redness of the skin, anaphylactic shock, high body temperature.

By the normal side effects of vitamins include discoloration of feces and urine. This is because members of the Pregnacare vitamin B2 - urine under his action becomes intense yellow, and iron - a substance causes darkening of feces.

The instructions Pregnacare stated that you need to stop taking vitamins in the case of serious violations of the digestive system, and the reactions of individual intolerance.


Multivitamin Complex is contraindicated in hypervitaminosis, high levels of magnesium or calcium, intolerance included in the preparation of vitamins, trace elements.

Do not take Pregnacare women who found urolithiasis, nephrolithiasis, pernicious anemia, impaired renal function, the exchange of copper or iron.

With care prescribe vitamins for patients with peptic ulcer gastrointestinal mucosa, thyroid disease, diabetes, ischemia, as well as those who are being treated with anticoagulants, laxatives, antacids.

In pediatric vitamins do not apply.

Pregnant women should not be taken simultaneously with Pregnacare medicines containing vitamins E, D, A, iron or copper - the possibility of overdose.

When combined with a multi-vitamin complex with tetracycline observed relative deterioration of iron absorption and antibiotics. In the case where it is impossible to avoid such combination, between taking vitamins and antibiotic observe a two-hour break.