Preductal - drugs used in cardiology.  Preductal

Pharmacological action preductal

Preductal has anti-ischemic, cardioprotective effect, prevents the adhesion of platelets and red blood cells, restores the energy metabolism in the cells of the heart, increases physical endurance in patients with heart disease, reduces the frequency of attacks stenokardicheskie increases coronary reserve.

Anti-ischemic effect of the drug has been successfully used in otolaryngology - to reduce the severity of vertigo. In addition, it noted that the drug eliminates tinnitus and audible range expands with the defeat of sound-sensing device (perceptive deafness).

The practice of applying preductal in ophthalmology, eye ischemia because it restores the functionality of the retina increases the field and visual acuity.

The active ingredient of the drug - trimetazidine.

Product form


Analogs preductal: Angiozyme retard Metagard, Rimekor, Antistius.

Indications preductal

In cardiology, the drug is prescribed for treatment and prophylaxis of angina pectoris; in ophthalmology - for the treatment of ischemic chorioretinal disorders; in otolaryngology - for the treatment of disorders of the vestibular cochlear - hearing loss, vertigo, tinnitus.

Instructions preductal: how to use

The drug is intended for long-term therapy. Judging by the reviews of Preduktale, in most cases, the treatment lasts for three or more months.

Take the medicine two or three times a day for 1 st tablet during meals.  Preductal released in the form of tablets

side effects

Preductal preductal and analogues are well tolerated, but in some cases may experience diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, dyspepsia, headache, tremor, muscle tone, skin rashes, redness and itching of the skin, hives, dizziness, drop in pressure, asthenia.

There are reviews of Preduktale indicating that an overdose of the drug may be decreased peripheral vascular resistance and, consequently, lower blood pressure and skin of the face blush. In this case it is shown symptomatic treatment.


Preductal of instructions are not indicated for children up to 18 l., Nursing, pregnant women, patients with hypersensitivity to trimetazidine.

Drug interaction preductal not described.

Despite the fact that in the course of experimental studies showed no negative impact of trimetazidine on the fetus, it is not recommended for pregnant women, as a sufficient number of tests have been conducted. For this reason, do not prescribe medication and breastfeeding.