Potbelly yellow - a plant family Nymphaeaceae
 Potbelly, also called yellow water lily is a perennial herb of the family Nymphaeaceae. The plant has a horizontal rhizome and numerous threadlike roots. Potbelly is found in lakes, ponds, lagoons and river channels, in shallow water, in places with slow water flow. Underwater Potbelly yellow stem reaches a length of 2 - 3 meters, and leathery rounded leaves lie on the capsule surface of the water. The flowers are yellow egg capsules are on long thick stalks with leaves close. The flowers have a pleasant aroma and bright dark yellow color.

The composition and the beneficial properties of the capsule yellow

The numerous beneficial properties of the capsule due to its rich yellow chemical composition. Thus, the rhizome of the capsule contains the following ingredients:

  • Resins;
  • Alkaloids;
  • Sahara;
  • Starch;
  • Bitterness;
  • Tannins;
  • Sitosterol;
  • Stigmasterol.

List of alkaloids in the composition of the roots of this plant is quite wide:

  • Tiobinufaridin;
  • Nufaridin;
  • Nufloin;
  • Dezoksinufaridin.

The composition of the leaves of the capsule is also a rich list of useful elements:

  • Ellagitannins;
  • Luteolin;
  • Caffeic acid;
  • Ferulic acid;
  • Sinapinic acid;
  • P-coumaric acid.

The seeds and flowers of the yellow egg capsules contained nimfalin. In addition, the seeds are present tannin containing gallic acid and ellagic acid.

Medicinal properties, thanks to this structure, widely used in folk and traditional medicine. For example, products based on ingredients Potbelly yellow render such actions:

  • Painkiller;
  • Bactericidal;
  • Binder;
  • Choleretic;
  • Easy sleeping pills;
  • Diuretic;
  • Calming (sedative).

Use of the capsule

 Potbelly yellow flowers
 Curative effect of flowers, leaves, seeds and rhizome plants. For the procurement of raw materials have to exert a lot of effort. Furthermore, it is difficult to extract water tight ingrown into the ground water reservoir rhizomes, even after drying so treated rhizomes of 10 kg of fresh plants is obtained only 1 kg of dry product.

Rhizomes yellow egg capsules contain alkaloids that have spermicidal and antitrihomonadnyh action. From Potbelly yellow alkaloids manufactured pharmaceutical drug "Lyutenurin", which is used for acute and chronic diseases trihomonadnyh. In addition, the chemical composition of the capsule by using a yellow, manufactured contraceptives.

Formulations of the capsule extracts yellow when applied topically is used for the treatment of diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, caused by Gram-positive microorganisms and pathogenic fungi. Yellow Kubishka also used as part of the collection of herbs used in the treatment of certain malignancies.

Rhizomes yellow egg capsules contain alkaloids group nufarina that kill strains of Trichomonas, Candida and other malicious agents. This allows the use of this herb for people suffering from immune deficiency who have had organ transplants and after chemotherapy.

Preparations based Potbelly yellow is also used in the following serious diseases:

  • Uterine bleeding;
  • Omission of the uterus;
  • Gastritis;
  • The oppression of the nervous system.

The rhizomes and flowers of the capsule is used as a means of correcting sexual activity. Especially effective Potbelly acts on men's health when there are painful nocturnal emissions, impotence or decreased libido. The broth is made from the roots of the capsule, it is recommended to use with the impotence of the stronger sex and frigidity in women.

In folk medicine used flowers, the rhizome with roots and leaves. As a folk remedy, flowers and rhizomes Potbelly yellow used for fever, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, skin diseases. A decoction of the roots of the capsule in small doses is also used for the following inflammatory diseases:

  • Inflammation of the kidney and urinary tract;
  • Stomach cramps;
  • Rheumatism;
  • Tuberculosis.

Very well to such means in the fight against cough with SARS, bronchitis and pneumonia. Potbelly shown in gout. Furthermore, preparations based on this medicinal plants help to get rid of nocturnal enuresis (urinary incontinence) in children.

This plant has a mild sedative and hypnotic effect. The aqueous extract of fresh flowers Potbelly yellow, has a sedative effect, and thus a means of taking the surface at an alarming dream. It should be remembered that in large doses is a means capable of causing depression of the central nervous system.

Tincture of the flowers of the capsule used in urolithiasis. A decoction of the flowers is used as an analgesic for pain in the joints and bruises, and fresh leaves the capsule is applied to the sore places. Infusion of rhizomes Potbelly yellow recommended as a general tonic.

Also, a decoction of the rhizome Potbelly yellow, cooked in beer or brewer's yeast, is able to treat seborrhea and enhance hair growth.

Contraindications and harm from the use of the yellow egg capsules

Potbelly yellow, despite its rich list of medicinal properties, still is a poisonous plant. Therefore, its use for the treatment must be strictly prescribed by a doctor, to observe the prescribed dose and duration of treatment.

In violation of preparation technology of medicines and the timing of its reception, you may experience symptoms such evidence of the poisoning:

  • Diarrhea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Prolonged sleep (inability to wake up).

Do not exceed the dose the doctor said, as the wrong approach to dosage may cause severe poisoning and possibly death. In addition, products based on Potbelly yellow strictly prohibited for pregnant women and children.