Posterisan - pharmaceutical preparations for the topical treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other anorectal diseases.

Structure and Composition

 Posterisan ointment
 According Posterisan instructions issued in the form of ointment for external use in the form of rectal suppository. Active ingredients - elements of cells and metabolic products of Escherichia coli (E.coli), hydrocortisone.

In 1 g of ointment contains Posterisan 500m. Microbial cells E. coli, inactivated with phenol, and 2, 5 mg of hydrocortisone. Also includes auxiliary components (lanolin, phenol, petroleum jelly). Ointment Posterisan apparently homogeneous yellowish-brown, with the smell of phenol. Available ointment in aluminum tubes of 25 g, with the applicator.

In one rectal suppository contains 100 million. Microbial cells E.coli, inactivated with phenol, and 5 mg of hydrocortisone. Supporting components are: acetylcysteine, disodium edetate, tocopherol, tallow, phenol, macrogol glycerol hydroxystearate. Suppositories Posterisan torpedo shaped, whitish-yellow in color, with the smell of phenol. Available suppositories in a blister pack of 10 pieces in a cardboard blister pack 1 drug.

Pharmacological action Posterisan

According to the instructions Posterisan has regenerating, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating effects. This drug contributes to the formation of specific immunity.

Posterisan contains corpuscular elements of E.coli bacteria and products of their metabolism, it stimulates the T-system of immunity and enhance the phagocytic activity of leukocytes. Besides Posterisan increases the formation of antibodies and improves local tissue resistance to pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant strains.

This drug reduces the permeability of capillaries and improves the overall tone of blood vessels and stimulates the healing of damaged tissue.


According to the instructions Posterisan recommended for use under the following conditions:

  • Hemorrhoids (relapsing course);
  • anal fissure;
  • perianal dermatitis;
  • anal and genital itching (especially resistant to other drugs);
  • anopapillit;
  • early postoperative period after surgical treatment for anorectal region.

Contraindications Posterisan

Increased sensitivity to phenol and other ingredients.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy Posterisan approved for use. There is no evidence that hydrocortisone crosses the placenta and breast milk. There is also no data on the negative effect of the drug on the fetus. However Posterisan during pregnancy and lactation should only be used under medical supervision.

Dosing and Administration Posterisan

Posterisan Ointment should be used topically or administered by rectal applicator (in the rectum). The ointment is applied to the affected skin anorectal or rectally 2 times a day, and after each act of defecation. According to reviews, Posterisan effectively relieves itching and discomfort in the anal area.

Posterisan Suppositories are administered in rectum 2 times per day (morning and evening), and after each defecation. The duration of treatment is selected individually depending on the severity and clinical course of the disease. Usually therapy Posterizanom continue for another 2-3 weeks after the relief of acute symptoms of the disease to prevent a recurrence and stabilize effect.

Perhaps the combined use of suppositories and ointments Posterisan.  Posterisan suppositories

side effect

In the opinion of Posterisan rarely can cause adverse reactions in patients with hypersensitivity to phenol.

Interaction Posterisan with other drugs

When combined Posterisan and other preparations containing glucocorticoids may occur amplification effect or appearance of adverse reactions. This notice also applies to drugs used shortly before use Posterisan.


This drug can be used in infants under medical supervision.

Analogs Posterisan

Analogues Posterisan considered drugs that have the same international nonproprietary name. Medicines based on the elements of E. coli for the treatment of anorectal diseases is no more.

Analogs Posterisan have similar effects, these include: Relief, Relief M Gepatrombin, Proktozan, Proctosedyl. Before replacing analogue Posterisan should consult a doctor.