Poliglyukin as a solution for infusion
 Poliglyukin - plazmozameshchath means.

Pharmacological action

Poliglyukin - this anti-shock drug, the blood substitute, granting you blood volume, preventing adhesion of erythrocytes, platelets.

The active ingredient of the drug - dextran.

Product form

Poliglyukin produced in the form of solution for infusion.

Indications polyglukin

Designate means for improving microcirculation and hemorheology, reduce the likelihood of thrombosis, treating conditions involving increased blood viscosity, and to stabilize the venous and arterial blood flow, the consequences of treatment of ischemic stroke.

In addition, the drug is used to eliminate the shock that developed after an injury, poisoning, sepsis, ectopic pregnancy, burns, surgery or massive blood loss.

Poliglyukin can be added to the perfusion fluid is used for cardiopulmonary bypass.

Instructions polyglukin: how to use

 Anti-shock drug Poliglyukin
 By all indications for use Poliglyukin infused intravenously, and when a large hemorrhage - intra.

In order to eliminate shock Poliglyukin introduced jet, with one infusion of 400-1200 ml of the drug is necessary. After the pressure of the patient returns to normal, the drug is administered to him drip.

If a patient is blood loss greater than 500 ml, and hemoglobin had dropped significantly, the introduction of polyglukin combined with blood transfusion.

To prevent development of shock during surgery the drug is administered the drip. If the pressure is reduced, moving to bolus. If the pressure drops sharply, the blood substitute is introduced into an artery - 400 ml.

For the treatment of shock, developed from the burn-in, on the first day is administered 2-3 l poliglyukina into second day - 1, 5 liters of the preparation.

Babies at 1st day administered 40-50 ml per kilogram of body weight, in the next day - 30 ml.

With deep and extensive burns Poliglyukin administered simultaneously with gamma-globulin or albumin. With burns covering more than 40% of the body surface, the introduction of the drug is combined with a blood transfusion.

Side effects polyglukin

There are reviews of polyglukin, causing itching and redness of the skin, angioedema.

To prevent the development of allergic reactions in the early polyglukin infusion after administration of 40 drops make a break for three minutes following the well-being of the patient. The introduction of the drug should be discontinued if a patient appears pain, fever, skin turns blue, it will complain of chest tightness, shortness of breath. After discontinuation of the drug is administered to the patient, calcium chloride, glucose, give antihistamine and cardiac drugs.


Poliglyukin of instruction is contraindicated in cardiovascular failure, internal bleeding, increased intracranial pressure, hemorrhagic stroke, thrombocytopenia, anuria, renal disease, severe dehydration.