Anti-inflammatory drug Plazmol
 Plazmol - analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent.

Pharmacological action

Plazmol - a biostimulant, which is obtained by processing human blood. The drug inhibits the onset of response to the stimulus of an allergic reaction, the allergen, analgesics, relieves inflammation.

Product form

Solution for injections.

Indications Plazmola

The drug is prescribed with neuritis, sciatica, neuralgia and other diseases of the nervous system, which are accompanied by pain and arthritis, asthma, various inflammatory processes.

There are good reviews about Plazmole applied in peptic ulcer stomach: means helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

Instructions Plazmola: how to use

 Plazmol as a solution for injection
 The drug is injected subcutaneously only. For these indications biodyne administered every other day or every day for 1 ml.

A full treatment course includes 10 shots.

Side effects Plazmola

Stimulant rarely causes side effects. There are reviews of Plazmole causing various allergic reaction, which is associated with individual intolerance to the drug.


Plazmol for instructions contraindicated in nephritis, endocarditis (inflammation of the inner cavities of the heart), cardiac decompensation (inhibition of the pumping function of the heart), tuberculosis, autoimmune diseases.

Children drug is not indicated because of the lack of data on the safety of its use in pediatrics.

Nursing, pregnant women are not recommended to assign a biostimulant.

During therapy, the drug can not be held kvartsevanie, sollux (thermal treatment using ultraviolet radiation), diathermy (deep heating with an electric current).

Interaction with other stimulant drugs has not been studied.