Platanthera bifolia

 Platanthera bifolia - a perennial herb of the orchid family
 Platanthera bifolia - a kind of perennial herbaceous tuberous plants, which belong to the genus of the orchid family Liubka. The height of such plants may be 20 to 60 cm, and in the structure they resemble orchids. In Liubka there are only two roots, which are radical and have an elongated oval shape. White flowers of a plant, at least - with a greenish tinge, they have a strong smell and intoxicating. By the way, Liubka feature is that it smells very night.

The genus name is connected with the ancient tradition that the plant has this incredible magical powers, because it is a strong love potion and love potions.

This orchid has a lot of northern interpretations of names, including "wild orchid", "wild balm", "Field jasmine", "night beauty", "spirits of the night." In England, this little flower is called the butterfly orchid.

Platanthera bifolia occurs in clearings, forest edges, wet meadows, in open forests, scrublands.

Medicinal raw materials in the plant are tubers.

Application Platanthera bifolia

Given ornamental and medicinal properties of the plant, we are now exploring the prospects for its introduction into the culture.

Widespread use of Platanthera bifolia has in traditional medicine. However, Lyuba is on the list of plants in need of protection, and therefore the collection and harvesting of medicinal raw materials are prohibited in nature. That is why often the locus of such grass going just for bouquets.

Tuberous roots of orchids Liubka (which is also called cones, salep Kiselny or root) to prepare the broth should be immersed in boiling water for a few minutes, and then dried. These teas are good for poisoning, as they give additional strength to the patient body. By the way, those tubers in the old days were considered love potion. However, now because of the spread of a rare collection of grass roots and honey strictly prohibited.

Platanthera bifolia has hornlike and very solid tubers, in the dried state may be stored in paper bags in a cool, dry place. These tubers are used as a powder for the production of mucous broths used as an excellent emollient, anti-inflammatory and enveloping means. Grind the plant can be in a coffee grinder.

Mucous broths and mucus from the powder tubers Platanthera bifolia used for fever, toothache, a large number of women's diseases, inflammation of the bladder, with all sorts of poisons poisoning, nervous exhaustion, cramps, ulcers, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, impotence, paralysis, wounds , abscesses, inflammatory lesions and diarrhea. Also, drugs Liubka can be a good contraceptive. When a toothache fresh tubers is applied directly to the sore area.

Platanthera bifolia in the club accumulated a lot of nutrients, which has been known to people since ancient times, so prized tubers salep always high enough. Studies have shown that only 40 grams of tubers Liubka milk or water are able to maintain a full day of manpower at the proper level. That is why salep became the main element of food stocks in the long hike. Treatment plants are particularly recommended in pediatric medicine.

To prepare the infusion of Liubka need to pour a glass of boiling water teaspoon finely shredded tubers, then leave the mixture for 16 minutes in a warm place, to the present. Drink this infusion is recommended in hot form. But when the children's diarrhea tincture is best to take cold.

To prepare dosage mucus Liubka sheeted need 200 ml of water and 5 g of mucus. Initially, you need to pour the powder with a little water (cold boiled) and then shake, add hot water and shake again. Shake need to, as long as the result does not get jelly homogeneous mass.  The roots are used for medicinal purposes Platanthera bifolia

To prepare the broth should take a powder (3.10 g) and shake it in 10 parts of boiled cold water. Then add 90 parts of boiling water and again shake well until until a monotonous, thickish and clear mucus. Take a decoction three times a day are advised tablespoon.

Healers recommend the use of drugs Platanthera bifolia in old age in order to maintain strength, as well as after prolonged bleeding and severe diseases.

Effective tubers Liubka dystrophy, because they are a tool that restores the failing health.

Contraindications Platanthera bifolia

Contraindications Platanthera bifolia absent.