Plaquenil - preparation rendering immunosuppressive effect
 Plaquenil - an immunosuppressant used to treat malaria.

Pharmacological action

Plaquenil reduces inflammation, inhibits malaria parasites, has a strong immunosuppressive effect (inhibits the activity of the immune system).

The active substance of the drug - hydroxychloroquine.

Product form


Analogs Plaquenil - Immard drugs and hydroxychloroquine.

Indications Plaquenil

Plaquenil under the instruction prescribed for juvenile and conventional rheumatoid arthritis, systemic, discoid lupus erythematosus.

There are reviews of plaquenil successfully used for the treatment and prevention of acute attacks of malaria, provoked such strains Plasmodium: vivax, malariae, ovale, falciparum.

Analogs Plaquenil prescribed for the same indications.

Plaquenil Guide: how to use

 Plaquenil tablets
 Plaquenil is recommended to drink 200 ml of milk or taking meals.

The drug for rheumatoid arthritis, adult, including Elderly patients are administered in a dosage of 6, 5 mg / kg, while for the calculation not take the real and the ideal weight. The maximum permissible dose - 400 mg per day.

Kids give Plaquenil also hoping dosage by weight - 6, 5 mg per kilogram, but take into account that children weighing less than 31 kg, it is impossible to give more than 200 mg.

Arthritis can be combined with Plaquenil salicylates nesteroidami, corticosteroids, methotrexate, and their dosage may be decreased: cortisone dosage can be reduced to 5-15 mg; hydrocortisone dose - 5-10 mg; triamcinolone or methylprednisolone - 2.1 mg; dexamethasone - 0, 3-0, 5 mg; prednisone and prednisolone - 1-2 mg.

When lupus adults are Plaquenil 400 mg per day. Multiplicity of application tools - 1-2 times a day.

For the prevention of acute attacks of malaria that occur in diseases caused by strains of Plasmodium malariae or falciparum, the drug is prescribed in a dose of 400 mg. Take medication on a weekly basis, preferably in the same days of the week.

Children with malaria Plaquenil administered in a dosage of 6, 5 mg / kg, but at the same time take into account that children's dose should not exceed adult.

Prevention of malaria begin two weeks before the entry into the country, is considered an endemic area. If this is not possible, the adult prescribe a double dose of Plaquenil load - 800 mg. Services in this case give a cure rate of 12, 9 mg / kg. Take the daily dosage in two steps with an interval of 6 hours. After leaving the area with an increased risk of contracting malaria prevention must continue for a further two months.

If you start an acute attack of malaria, adults give 800 mg of Plaquenil, 6-8 hours - 400 mg, and 400 mg of the drug - for the next two days.

There are good reviews about plaquenil of patients treated during acute malaria attack reinforced single dose of 800 mg.

Children with an acute attack of malaria are Plaquenil 32 mg per kilogram body weight over three days.

Side effects Plaquenil

Plaquenil and analogues medications can cause neyromiopatiyu and myopathy, headache, psychosis, seizures, emotional lability, psychosis, hearing loss, disturbance of accommodation, blurred or corneal edema, tinnitus, retinopathy, blurred vision, keratopathy, atrophy of the optic nerve, AV block , myocardial hypertrophy, appetite loss, aplastic or hemolytic anemia, abnormal liver function, vomiting, neutropenia, skin rash, abdominal pain.

There are reviews of plaquenil from taking his patients complaining of drug-induced alopecia, pigmentation disorders of the skin, itching, worsening of psoriasis, increased photosensitivity of the skin.

When used incorrectly, Plaquenil overdose and side effects may be intensified. It is especially dangerous excess doses for children - can lead to death of 1-2 g medication. Treat hydroxychloroquine poisoning gastric lavage, activated carbon, ammonium chloride, conducting urine output.


Plaquenil under the instruction is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to hydroxychloroquine, lactating and pregnant women.

Babies long-term therapy is contraindicated plaquenil and analogues medications, as their active substance tend to accumulate in the body.

Under the supervision should take Plaquenil patients with retinopathy, suffering oppression hematopoiesis in bone marrow, psychosis, psoriasis, porphyria, kidney or liver failure, hepatitis, lack of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.