Pirroksan a blocker, which has hypotensive, anti-allergic and sedative effect. The drug is indicated for allergic reactions, increased tone of sympathetic nervous system, as well as the withdrawal syndrome of various etiologies.  Pirroksan

Structure and Composition

The main active ingredient - 0 pirroksan hydrochloride, 015 g

Pirroksan comes in tablet form by 15-30 mg per carton of 50 pcs. and a 1% solution for injections in ampoules of 1 ml.

Pharmacological action pirroksan

Pirroksan actively affects the peripheral and central beta-adrenergic structures blocking adrenergic receptors. The drug effectively reduces the action of adrenergic impulses relieves spasms, dilates the capillaries and arterioles smooth muscle.

Active substances pirroksan reduce the excitability of the deep structures of the brain and normalize the tone of the sympathetic nervous system. Many of the diseases associated with dysfunction of the sympathetic nervous system are effectively treated Pirroksanom.

The drug relieves itching and burning with dermatoses and allergic reactions, and reduces anxiety and mental stress in patients with panic attacks and depressive syndrome.

Pirroksan analogues are drugs from the group of alpha-blockers - Butiroksan and Nicergoline. Their action is aimed at removing the symptoms of mental illness, lower blood pressure and the suppression of nervous excitement. Nicergoline and Butiroksan as analogues pirroksan have antispasmodic and anticholinergic effect.


Indications for pirroksan are:

  • dermatosis and allergic reactions;
  • mental illness with a depressive syndrome and panic;
  • motion sickness;
  • dysfunction of the autonomic system;
  • sympathoadrenal type hypertensive crises;
  • hypersympathicotonia;
  • abstinence syndrome of various etiologies;
  • diseases of the inner ear.

Instructions for use pirroksan

According to the instructions assigned pirroksan adults as tablets of 20 mg 2-3 times a day by injection of 2-3 ml of 1 per day. Babies medication should be taken in the form of tablets of 10 mg 2 times a day or 1 ml 1-2 times daily by injection.

The maximum daily dose of 90 mg pirroksan, as a single dose not exceed 45 mg.

When dermatoses and insomnia medication should take 15-30 mg at bedtime.

To prevent motion sickness at sea and air sickness pirroksan assigned to 15 mg 2-3 times a day before the trip and during it.

For emergency relief pirroksan hypertonic crisis as a solution administered by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of 2 ml, 2 times a day, and the tablets should take the drug 2-3 times a day to 30 mg.

Children dosage of the drug is prescribed by the attending physician, depending on the age and body weight. In accordance with the instructions pirroksan under the age of 12 months should not be given.  Nicergoline - similar pirroksan


Pirroksan contraindicated to receive if you are hypersensitive ingredient.

Contraindication to pirroksan are the following diseases:

  • Atherosclerosis in the severe stage of the flow;
  • heart failure, ischemia, angina pectoris;
  • dysfunction of the brain;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • infancy to 12 months.

Precautions should be taken medication in the elderly.

Side effects pirroksan

Pirroksan can cause a sharp drop in blood pressure, bradycardia, arrhythmia, orthostatic collapse type.

In the long course of treatment may appear allergic reactions - itching, burning, urticaria, angioedema.