Laxatives Pirilaks
 Pirilaks - laxative and carminative.

Pharmacological action

The structure includes Pirilaksa bisacodyl, which tend to irritate the colon, enhance peristalsis.

Action Pirilaksa develops within 6-8 hours after ingestion of oral medication, and the use of rectal suppositories - 15 minutes.

Product form

Release rectal suppositories and tablets Pirilaks.

Indications Pirilaksa

The medicine effective for chronic constipation occurring, for various reasons, it is often used for bowel cleansing prior to surgery or diagnostic procedures.

Additionally, the drug may be taken in conditions requiring facilitate defecation - with anal fissures, proctitis, hemorrhoids, etc.

Dosing Pirilaksa

 Pirilaks tablets
 Pirilaks taken orally half an hour before the first meal. Babies after 14 l., Adult prescribe taking 5-15 mg Pirilaksa; children 2-7 liters. - 5 mg; 8-14 liters. - 5.10 mg.

The tablets are swallowed whole Pirilaks, chew, or crush them undesirable.

Candles are administered in such dosage: children 2-7 liters. - 5 mg; children 8-14 liters. - 10 mg; children after 14 liters. - 10-20 mg.

To prepare for surgery or examination into the intestines is recommended to take 10-20 mg of the drug the day before the procedure in the evening. In the morning, the day of the examination or surgery, rectally administered drug - 10 mg.

Side effects Pirilaksa

Bisacodyl, which is part of Pirilaksa can cause abdominal pain, digestive disorders, allergies.

In overdose bisacodyl severe diarrhea can begin, which in turn can result in dehydration, electrolyte loss, which manifests the appearance of convulsions, muscle weakness. Treatment in excess of recommended doses of these drugs and the emergence of side effects or other symptomatic. Call a doctor if an overdose is mandatory.


Pirilaks of instructions can not be given to patients with a strangulated hernia, spastic constipation, intestinal obstruction, aggravating hemorrhoids, acute inflammation of the abdominal cavity, as well as in cystitis, the presence of bleeding from the uterus and gastrointestinal tract.

Contraindications Pirilaks children under one year.

With care prescribe medication while breastfeeding, pregnant women and patients with renal or hepatic insufficiency.

It is undesirable to appoint Pirilaks concurrently with diuretics, carbenoxolone, cholestyramine, corticosteroids, tiatsidom, opiates, psychotropic and anticholinergic drugs, cardiac glycosides, antacids, which is composed of aluminum.