Piperazine 0 5 g

Piperazine - worming medication.

Pharmacological action

The action of the drug at the expense of the active substance piperazine adipate, which paralyzes the nematode worms with an efficiency of about 95%. Repeated application Piperazine its effectiveness is 100%.

Product form

Piperazine release tablets and solution - the dosage form for pediatric use.

Indications Piperazine

The medicine is prescribed for enterobioze - pinworm infection and ascariasis - Ascaris infection.

Separately, it is noted that in pregnancy the only Piperazine anthelmintic agent approved for women during this period.

Nursing women when infected pinworms or ascarids can also take only piperazine adipate.

Instructions piperazine: how to use

When ascariasis adult patients take 1, 5-2 g of the drug, taking into consideration that the allowable daily dose - 3-4 g

Piperazine in a dosage of 1, 5-2 grams give children 13-15 L .; 1-2 grams - 9-12 L .; 0, 75-1, 5 grams - 6-8 L .; 0, 5-1 grams - 4-5 L .; 0, 3-0, 6 grams - 2-3 g .; 0, 2-0, 4 grams - children up to one year.

For treatment ascariasis take Piperazine for 2 days in two daily one hour before meals.

When enterobioze take the medicine at the same dose, but longer - within 5 days. At the same time for getting rid of pinworms is necessary to pass the course 1-3, between which are made weekly breaks.

Because the drug is only paralyze worms and ensures their elimination, in order to avoid poisoning of their decomposition products, must be disposed of helminths from the rectum using an enema. Enema solution prepared from 200-600 ml of water and soda. 100 ml of water have 0, 25 teaspoon baking soda.

When you put an enema ascariasis after treatment, and at enterobioze - between courses during each week break.

During lactation, pregnancy piperazine helminthiasis administered in the same way, but the doctor's consultation is needed.

Worming treatment, which is carried out with the help of piperazine, does not require dieting or taking laxatives (except in cases where the patient suffers from constipation).

During long-term treatment enterobiasis should strictly observe the rules of daily hygiene.

Positive reviews of the piperazine confirm that drug in dosages and adherence to prescribed medical recommendations can be applied on an outpatient basis.

side effects

 Piperazine tablets

Piperazine can cause headache, abdominal pain, nausea.

There are reviews of piperazine from taking his patients with renal failure: they may occur tremors, hallucinations, muscle weakness, impaired vision and coordination, euphoria.

Because of overdose can occur means tremor, muscle weakness. To eliminate the effects of poisoning washed stomach, take a saline laxative and adsorbents. If necessary, carry out oxygen therapy, blood transfusions. If, due to an overdose of having different neurological abnormalities, the patient is administered thiamine.


Piperazine according to the instructions is contraindicated in patients with lesions of the central nervous system of an organic nature, chronic renal failure, with hypersensitivity.

In appointing the drug take into account that it increases the side effects of chlorpromazine.