Meridia (Meridia) is classified as means of promoting weight loss.

 Meridia 10mg
 The active ingredient of the drug - sibutramine. He is a pharmacological agent that is acting on the body, it causes a decrease in appetite.

Reviews Meridia leads to the conclusion that the safety of the drug is still more doubt in the medical community. Currently Meridia pills are banned in several European countries. However, Russia is a tool available in the market.

Pharmacological Effects of Meridia

Pills Meridia impact comparable to the effects on the body of amphetamines. The active ingredient of the drug is similar to them in their structure, but the biological properties of amphetamines and sibutramine different.

Sibutramine - anorectic agent of central action. Also acts as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor (53%), norepinephrine (54%) and dopamine (16%). This in turn helps enhance the aforementioned mediators mezhsinapticheskom space. In the center of hunger and satiety increased concentration of serotonin. As a result of taking the pill Meridia can be achieved:

  • loss of appetite (the person ceases to exceed the rate of food intake, not "jam" the problem is not trying to eat up everything that is on your plate, not satisfied with snacks in between meals or "for the company", etc.)
  • increase the body release heat.

Accelerating the process of thermogenesis leads to the need to find new reserves to maintain it. This reserve is the body's fat stores. Sibutramine affects the structure of brown fat cells present in the adult body in passive condition. Expanding, one molecule of brown fat helps to activate the molecules of ten white fat, which is usually consumed by the body with great difficulty.

Action pill Meridia is similar to the action exerted on the body of tricyclic antidepressants. However, medical reviews of Meridia obtained from experiments carried out on animals, confirm the fact that the drug does not have antidepressant effects and may be used only as an aid to weight loss.

Indications for use Meridia

The drug Meridia is recommended as maintenance therapy in patients with overweight in such cases:

  • at alimentary obesity with a body mass index over 30 kg / m 2 ;
  • at alimentary obesity with a body mass index 27 or more kg / m 2   In case the person other risk factors that lead to obesity, such as dyslipoproteinemia (violation of lipid metabolism), and type 2 diabetes (insulin-dependent).

Contraindications to the appointment

The drug, as well as analogues of Meridia is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • the presence of mental disorders;
  • in addiction;
  • at elevated individual sensitivity to the drug;
  • with heart disease, as well as diseases of the arteries;
  • for hypertension;
  • type of closure glaucoma;
  • prostate hyperplasia;
  • during pregnancy;
  • lactation;

It is strictly forbidden to take Meridia along with whatever else antidepressant drugs.

Meridia Instructions: Dosage

For the purpose of weight loss is recommended to take 10 mg once daily. The optimal time of reception - the first half of the day. If the dose of 10 mg is not sufficient, it may be increased after a few days to 15 mg.

Exceeding this dose may trigger the development of side effects and complications of all kinds.

To achieve the effect of the drug Meridia combined with a low calorie diet and regular exercise.

Duration of treatment - 12 months.  Meridia 15mg

Side effects and potential harm of the drug

About 10% of adverse reactions induced by administration Meridia arise from the cardiovascular system. They are expressed in raising blood pressure, a tachycardia. Use of the drug increases the risk of heart disease and strokes in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Among other side effects are possible:

  • dry mouth;
  • nausea;
  • violation of taste perception;
  • constipation (irregular bowel movements);
  • sleep disorders;
  • restlessness, anxiety;
  • algomenoreya (painful menstruation in women);
  • muscle aches and pains in the joints;
  • difficulty urinating;
  • blurred vision.

Use of the drug Meridia at a young age in the absence of disturbances in the functioning of the cardiovascular system is not a risk to the body. If there are negative side effects, their symptoms disappear completely after the cessation of treatment. Generally, serious violations and no complications arise.

According to scientists, obesity harms the body more than sibutramine.

Sibutramine is not a narcotic substance, so the drug is not addictive. However, unauthorized and uncontrolled use it to lose weight helped improve the control of drug sales in Western countries, as well as the spread of rumors that a drug sibutramine.

Analogs Meridia

Among Meridia related products are the following: fluoxetine (safe means has a low price, it is the best analogue Meridia) Denfluramin, dexfenfluramine.

As an analogy, Meridia may be used, but only by a doctor, all drugs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are used in medicine as an antidepressant.

storage conditions

Keep the drug can be in a dry, sheltered from the sunlight, which is the optimum temperature - no more than 25 about FROM.