Phytolysinum - is a diuretic, which has a vegetable origin.  The diuretic drug Phytolysinum

Pharmacological action Phytolysinum

The instructions to Phytolysinum noted that the drug is a diuretic, analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic effect. In the opinion of Phytolysinum promotes loosening and removing urinary stones (stones).

Release form and composition

Phytolysinum available in a soft paste in its consistency, having a green-brown color and a specific aromatic odor. 100 g of the paste contains 67, 2 g of condensed water-alcohol mixture of the extract of medicinal plants: the rhizomes of couch grass, peel onions, fenugreek seeds, leaves of birch, goldenrod herb, parsley root, grass Bird Highlander, horsetail herb, lovage root. In addition, the composition includes Phytolysinum: Nipagin A Agar, orange oil, wheat starch, oil of peppermint, sage oil, pine oil, glycerin, vanillin.

Indications Phytolysinum

Application Phytolysinum shown in the following cases:

  • Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract (cystitis, pyelonephritis, chronic calculous pyelonephritis);
  • Treatment of urolithiasis, especially if there are contraindications to its surgical treatment, and prevention of its recurrence.

Phytolysinum: contraindications

The drug is contraindicated in acute glomerulonephritis and nephrosis. According to the instructions Phytolysinum not be used in phosphate nefrourolitiaze. Pregnancy and lactation are not contraindications to Phytolysinum.

Dosing Phytolysinum

The drug is taken orally three to four times a day for one teaspoon, spreading pre pasta in half a glass of warm boiled water.  Pasta oral Phytolysinum

Children appoint Phytolysinum depending on age - by a quarter to half a teaspoon of paste at the reception. In the opinion of Phytolysinum can be diluted in sweetened water. In this case, children are more likely to drink the resulting solution.

side effects

Application Phytolysinum can lead to allergic reactions: itching, rash. In the opinion of Phytolysinum very rarely may lead to the emergence of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. When side effects of treatment should be stopped and seek medical advice.

Analogs Phytolysinum

Similarly with Phytolysinum action the drugs such as phytol and Urolesan. But their composition varies with the composition of Phytolysinum. Therefore, it is advisable to take the drug, which is appointed by your doctor.

Storage and shelf life

Phytolysinum should be stored at room temperature, out of reach of children. Expiration date - three years.