Antipsoriaz classic
 Antipsoriaz - a drug for the prevention and treatment of psoriasis based on plant components and grease. Not registered as a drug.

Release form and composition

Phyto creme Antipsoriaz classic is available in tubes of 130 ml.

As part of the preparations contain aqueous extracts of white birch leaves, a succession of tripartite, celandine, calendula, Cudweed, lanolin, camphor oil, linseed oil, mineral oil, grease health.


Phyto creme designed to treat all forms of psoriasis.


Application Antipsoriaza contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the drug and pustular skin diseases.

Ointment should not be applied to open wounds, as it may prevent them from healing.

Dosage and Administration

According to the instructions, Antipsoriaz rubbed into the affected areas until completely absorbed. It is recommended to apply the drug in the evening twice with an interval of 2-3 hours. After the disappearance of cutaneous manifestations of the disease are encouraged to continue to use the Phyto creme for 20 days.

The second version of the application Antipsoriaza - 3 days preparation is applied 1-2 times a day, and then make a break for one day, after which the ointment is reused.

The drug takes effect within 25-35 days and is designed for long-term use. Complete cleansing of the psoriatic lesions may take several months.

Side effects

In rare cases the use of the drug can cause allergic skin reactions. In order to prevent their occurrence before using fitokrema allergy tests should be carried out - put a small amount of ointment on the area of ​​the elbow and observe the reaction within days.

According to the instructions, Antipsoriaz in the early days of light can cause itching and redness (Koebner effect), these events are themselves in a few days.


After treatment of psoriasis hormonal agents effect of the drug is observed later use.

To achieve results quickly, and long-term remission recommended a comprehensive approach to treatment, which should include the application enterosorbents, adherence to a strict diet, maintain immunity and a healthy lifestyle.

It is not recommended during treatment wearing underwear and clothing made of synthetic materials.


A similar effect is Antipsoriazom with the following drugs: Antipsor, Psorikon, Spas Psoriderm.

Conditions and terms

Phyto creme should be stored in a cool dry place.

Shelf life - 4 years from date of manufacture.