Phlogenzym - anti-inflammatory drug broad spectrum of action.

Pharmacological properties Flogenzima

Phlogenzym contains active enzymes: trypsin, bromelain, Rutozide that successfully relieve swelling inflammation and inflammatory genesis.  Phlogenzym in blisters
   Long-term experiments with components of the drug confirmed their anti-inflammatory properties for internal use. Active drug molecules adsorbed after administration in the gastrointestinal tract and via transport proteins are involved in metabolic processes of the body. After internal use Flogenzima during the first four days mark a significant improvement in the ratio between the concentrations of bromelain, trypsin and introduced doses.

Indications Flogenzima

The drug is used to treat acute inflammatory conditions, as well as exacerbation of chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases. The instructions to Flogenzimu said that the drug has been successful in the treatment of sports injuries, burns, arteritis, phlebitis and lymphangitis, lymph edema post-traumatic, infectious diseases of the oral cavity, urinary system, as well as muscular rheumatism, inflammation of the tissues of the upper and lower extremities.

Application Flogenzima

Phlogenzym designate six to twelve tablets daily, three tablets twice or three tablets four times a day. The maximum daily dose (for the most severe conditions) is twelve tablets.

The therapeutic course of acute infectious diseases, usually lasts from two weeks to a full recovery. During exacerbation of chronic disease treatment is continued until the onset of severe remission.

The drug is taken in tablet form for 30-60 minutes before eating, drinking plenty of boiled water.


The instructions to Flogenzimu said that the drug is not recommended for use in case of hypersensitivity to its main components, as well as congenital or acquired coagulation disorders, a variety of liver damage.

Side effects Flogenzima

Use of the drug to the maximum allowable daily doses can cause flatulence, vomiting and feeling of fullness. In a review of Flogenzime indicated that in some cases may cause allergic reactions, itching, as well as the emergence of general weakness, dizziness. These manifestations can be prevented by increasing the amount of daily administration of the drug up to four or five times.  Phlogenzym


Preparation and analogues Flogenzima primarily not analgesic, and helps to reduce swelling in the event of inflammatory processes. Therefore, when taking the drug in some patients may preserve painful symptoms for some time. In addition, special precautions should be taken to the reception Flogenzima diabetics, patients with lactose intolerance, as well as before the surgery.


During the administration of the drug at the same time with other medication means incompatibility is not observed. The drug, as well as analogs Flogenzima reinforce the impact of antithrombotic agents. When taken together with Phlogenzym antibiotics increases their concentration in the blood plasma and in the focus of inflammation.