Pharmatex - vaginal contraceptive with spermicide effect.

Pharmacological action

Active ingredient  Tampons Pharmatex
 Farmateksa, as a spermicide and antiseptic at the same time destroys the membrane of sperm, providing contraceptive effect.

Application instructions on Farmateksa greatly reduces the risk of pregnancy, but does not eliminate it completely. Moreover, its effectiveness is largely dependent on the correctness of applications.

The active ingredient according to the instructions Farmateksa active against many pathogens that can cause a number of diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact. To a greater extent it relates to HIV, Chlamydia spp., Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Staphylococcus aureus, Trichomonas vaginalis and Herpes simplex type 2.

Farmateks weakly active against Haemophilus ducreyi, Candida albicans, Gardnerella vaginalis and Treponema pallidum and shows no activity against Mycoplasma spp.

On saprophytic vaginal flora (including wand Doderlyayna) Pharmatex has no impact.

Active ingredient Farmateksa absorbing only on the surface of the walls of the vagina mucosa is not absorbed, and excreted after application or physiological secretions may be removed by washing with water.

Form release Farmateksa

Farmateks - preparation for vaginal use, the main active ingredient is benzalkonium chloride. Farmateks produced in the form:

  • Cylindrical vaginal swab soaked greasy white cream with the scent of lavender;
  • White uniform 1, 2% cream with the scent of lavender;
  • Oval soft vaginal capsules pale yellow, containing the active ingredient in the form of a yellowish emulsion;
  • Round white vaginal tablets;
  • White cylindrical vaginal suppositories with a conical tip.

Analogs Farmateksa

By analogues Farmateksa containing the same active ingredient, are preparations: Benateks, Kontrateks, Farmagineks, Ginekoteks, Eroteks in gel form, suppositories, tablets and creams for vaginal application.

Also produced analogues Farmateksa mode of action. These include Kontratseptin T nonoxynol, Sterilin and NuvaRing.

Indications Farmateksa

According to the instructions Pharmatex can be used for local contraception to any woman of reproductive age in the absence of contraindications it.

Pharmatex Review is effective in skipping or being late in taking oral contraceptives if their continued use.

Also, the use Farmateksa shown:

  • In the presence of contraindications (temporary or absolute) to the use of an intrauterine device, or oral contraceptives;
  • During breast-feeding;
  • In the postpartum period;
  • In the period that precedes menopause;
  • Following the termination of pregnancy;
  • If you want to prevent pregnancy, which is episodic.

In addition, Pharmatex Review can be used as additional local contraception using an intrauterine device or vaginal diaphragm (especially if the period taken some medications, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).


Using Farmateksa contraindicated in:

  • Ulceration and irritation of the vagina and uterus;
  • Coleitis;
  • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • If unable to correct application Farmateksa (usually with mental disorders).

Dosing Farmateksa

Pharmatex vaginal tablets should be administered deeply into the vagina while lying on his back. The drug according to the instructions must enter 10 minutes before sexual intercourse. When applied in the form of tablets Farmateksa should be noted that duration of its action is three hours. New tablet Farmateksa be administered before each intercourse.

Vaginal capsules and suppositories Farmateks used as well as tablets. Duration of action - four hours.

Vaginal swabs Pharmatex introduced until contact with the cervix. The protective effect of the use of tampons Pharmatex occurs immediately and lasts throughout the day regardless of the number of sexual acts. After the last intercourse to remove the swab from the vagina can be in two hours, but not later than twenty-four hours after administration.

Cream Farmateks administered using a metering device mounted on the end of the tube. After its complete content (all the way to the annular piston or tags) cream is administered before sexual intercourse, slowly pushing the plunger. Protective effect Farmateksa lasting ten o'clock starts immediately after administration. The procedure is repeated before each new sexual act.

Multiplicity use Farmateksa instructions on limited individual tolerability of the active ingredient. Possible to use this contraceptive during pregnancy and lactation.

Data on overdose farmateks absent.

Application Farmateksa possible simultaneously with the Navy or vaginal diaphragm.

Since  Vaginal capsules Pharmatex
 the effectiveness of contraception provided farmateks connected with strict observance of the rules of application, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  • Apply Pharmatex (pill, cream, suppository, capsule) that before each sexual act;
  • Drug administered in any dosage form must be as deep as possible into the vagina (preferably in a supine position);
  • Dissolution of the suppository must wait (5 minutes), capsules or tablets (10 min) for complete release of the active substance;
  • Outside toilet genitals after intercourse can be carried out only with clean water. Do not use soap two hours before sexual intercourse and for at least two hours after it, as even residual amounts of soap can destroy the active ingredient Farmateksa;
  • With the introduction of the drug into the vagina at any dosage form can not take a bath, as well as swimming in the pool, the sea or ponds.

Drug Interactions

As any drug, topical administration to the vagina, can reduce or even completely inactivate the spermicidal action Farmateksa, do not use the drug with other drugs applied vaginally.

Furthermore, when using Farmateksa be appreciated that its properties are destroyed by it, and even soap residue.

side effects

In the opinion of Pharmatex may cause allergic reactions (in the form of burning, itching, or contact dermatitis), in the event that the use of funds should be stopped.

Storage conditions Farmateksa

Pharmatex refers to a number of contraceptives, holidays are available from pharmacies without a prescription. Shelf life vaginal capsules and tablets - 2 years, suppositories, lotions and tampons - 3 year (subject to the temperature to 25 ° C).