Persen - a combined herbal preparation, which is used in moments of particular nervous strain when you have to calm down and bring thoughts in order. Successfully fighting the Persians and insomnia. In the fight for the consumer Persen has one significant advantage: compared to their synthetic counterparts himizirovannymi, he has the most that neither is a natural environment. Of course, if the insomnia associated with some vegetative disorders, Persenom one can not eat. But the vast majority are bruised constant stress «homo urbanus» it will be enough. Reviews Persene it only confirms.  Persen

Product form

Persen is available in film-coated round brown tablets. It consists of dry extracts the following plants:

  • valerian (35 mg per one tablet);
  • Melissa (17, 5 mg);
  • peppermint (17, 5 mg).

The carton is invested 4 blisters of 10 tablets and instruction to Persenu.

Produced Persen known Slovenian pharmaceutical company «Lek dd».

For completeness, it should be noted that besides the Persians, there are two related drugs: Persen Persen forte and cardio. Persen cardio contains dry extracts of herbs passionflower and hawthorn fruit. He as well as Percy has a sedative effect only in his action there is also a heart component. As Percy forte, it is essentially the same Persia, but with a higher content of valerian extract: 87, 5 to 35 mg of the Persians.

Analogs of Persia

Of course, talking about a complete analogue of the combined herbal preparation is not necessary. In a way he is one. However, there are other medicines that contain herbal ingredients that have a calming effect:

  • Valdispert tablets (Germany);
  • Despres, tablets (Slovenia);
  • Doppelgerts Nervotonik elixir (Germany);
  • Melison, tincture (Russia);
  • Negrustin, capsules and oral solution (Germany).

It deliberately did not mention the countless army korvalola, barbovalov, valokordin etc. The fact that the composition of these so beloved by our grandmothers drugs include phenobarbital, a psychotropic substance, and it is quite another matter. Phenobarbital generates complete psychological dependence to such medicines. Persen same in this respect is as clean as a tear baby.

Pharmacological action

The mere enumeration of all pharmacologically active ingredients contained in plant extracts of Persia, takes almost half a page. Here and various essential oils and monoterpenes, flavonoids, and ... Let's leave it to fans of botany and proceed directly to the exerted Persenom pharmacological effects.

But with this effect just did a small catch: mechanism of action of the aforementioned herbs is still unclear. Lucid only has an effect. So, valerian has sedative effects that favorably affects the quality of sleep. Melissa works in a similar way, and also a bit weak. Mint - a natural antispasmodic, relaxes smooth muscle, choleretic and laxative.

Reviews Persene not give doubt that the combination of herbal remedies is very well chosen, plant components complement and reinforce each other's action. Persia, unlike a number of other sedatives, do not intoxicate, and has a mild sedative effect, relieve nervous stress, dulls the increased excitability and helps with temporary sleep disorders.

Indications for use of Persia

In accordance with the instruction to Persenu and reviews about it experts the drug is effective for the removal of excessive nervous excitability, irritability and insomnia.

Brief guide to Persenu on application

Adults and children who have reached the age of 12, Percy is shown in an amount of 3-4 tablets three times a day with irritability and nervous excitability of the same 3-4 tablets, but only 1 time a day just before bedtime for insomnia.

Children under 12 years Persen take is possible, but only under strict medical supervision. For this age group a daily dose of Persia depends on body weight. Maximum - 1-2 tablets twice a day.

Reviews Persene applies his patients indicate that to the drug addiction does not develop, and the termination of treatment withdrawal symptoms are not observed.


Contraindications to the use of the Persians by the following factors and circumstances:

  • Hypersensitivity of the components of the drug;
  • children younger than 3 years of ex;
  • high blood pressure.

Persen during pregnancy

 Persen Forte
 The issue of the Persians during pregnancy is relevant that this period more than ever rich in stress and tension and full of emotional experiences. The only thing that can be said in this regard - the action of Persia during pregnancy has not been studied.

The instructions to get off the standard drug formulation, say, Perseus can be taken during pregnancy only if the potential risks are lower than expected gains. With this hardly argue. The same, incidentally, is true for breast-feeding.

side effect

According to the reviews of Persene the drug quite well tolerated, rarely allergic reactions, and even more rarely occur with prolonged use of constipation.

In the medical literature there is a description of medicinal plant raw materials overdose of valerian, but after taking 20 g of rhizomes and roots. If we translate this into tablets Percy, you get something like 103 pieces that you will agree, it is unlikely (meaning the reception of such a large number of tablets). Overdose symptoms - excessive fatigue, stomach cramps, tremors of the hands, dilation of the pupils.

Specific guidance on the application of Persia

You should know that Percy is a synergist of other sedatives and other drugs which depress the central nervous system, as well as hypotensive and analgesic drugs.

Application of Persia in therapeutic doses has no effect on the ability to drive or engage in other activities that require attention.

Do not take more Persen 1, 5-2 months.

Persen sold in pharmacies without a prescription.

Instructions for storage Persenu

Conditions for storage Percy completely unpretentious temperature to 25? C and dry place. Shelf life is 2 years.