Permikson refers to a group of herbal remedies that help to normalize urination for violations resulting from benign prostatic hyperplasia.  Permikson

Pharmacological properties Permiksona

Permikson is an anti-androgen agent, whose action is directed to the inhibition of the synthesis of DHT and its fixation to the cytosolic receptor that prevents the hormone penetrate into the core and helps to reduce production of the protein. Furthermore, Permikson also:

  • inhibits the production of phospholipase A2;
  • inhibits the production of arachidonic acid;
  • It reduces the synthesis of Pg, has a regulating effect on the tone and motility of the lower urinary tract;
  • reduces symptoms of inflammation;
  • It reduces the permeability of blood vessels.

As drug vasoprotective and antiandrogenic action Permikson reduces symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Product form

Permikson release capsules light green color in blisters (by 15pcs.).

The active substance Permiksona - lipidosterolovy extract of Serenoa repens (creeping palm).

Indications Permiksona

In accordance with an instruction Permikson administered when diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Contraindications to the appointment

Based on the research and medical reviews Permiksone can conclude that the only contraindication to receive a high sensitivity of the patient to the drug.

Instructions Permiksona: reception methods

Permikson Capsules taken orally with a meal, washed down with a little water.

If the patient revealed benign prostatic hyperplasia, accompanied by mild symptoms, or symptoms of average weight, it is recommended to take 160 mg twice a day (morning / evening), or a one-time 320 mg (optimally - in the evening).

If symptoms are expressed clearly and must be obtained from the reception Permiksona effect more quickly, the daily dose increased to 640 mg (320 mg taken twice a day - morning and evening).

Permiksonom treatment duration of at least 3 months. If necessary, be allowed to repeat the course of therapy.

In each case, the treatment regimen of a doctor, based on the individual patient and the nature of the disease.  Permikson capsules

Side effects

Permikson, patient testimonials confirm this may cause the following side effects:

  • nausea, heartburn, gastralgia various kinds (mainly in cases where the drug is taken on an empty stomach);
  • Allergic reactions (itching, rashes on the skin, etc.).

Interaction with other drugs

Permikson compatible with drugs, antibiotics, and medicines uroantiseptikami anti-inflammatory action.

Data on drug overdose

Data on overdose Permiksonom absent. If you accidentally taking too large a dose of the drug is recommended gastric lavage.

Storage regulations

When stored properly (the temperature should not exceed 25 about C) Shelf life - 36 months.