Perftoran drug

Perftoran - antishock and anti-ischemic drug.

Pharmacological properties

Perftoran has sorption, cardioprotective, membrane stabilizing, diuretic, hemodynamic, rheological and gas transport properties.

Terms of excretion depends on the dose. When used in a therapeutic dose, which amounts to 10 ml / kg body weight of the patient, the active ingredients are completely removed within 8 months.

Form release Perftoran

Perftoran produced an emulsion that after thawing is a clear liquid with a bluish tint, and odorless.

Indications Perftoran

Perftoran prescribed as a blood substitute with the gas transmission function of the following diseases and conditions:

  • acute and chronic hypovolemia (infectious-toxic, traumatic, burn, hemorrhagic shock, operational and post-operative hypovolemia, traumatic brain injury);
  • peripheral circulatory disorders (pyo-septic conditions, changes in gas exchange and tissue metabolism, cerebral circulatory disorders, infections, fat embolism);
  • antiischemic protection of donor organs (for preliminary preparation of the recipient and the donor).

Also Perftoran recommended locally for lung lavage, regional perfusion of extremities, for washing festering wounds, abdomen, etc. The AIC is used during operations on the stopped heart.

Contraindications to receive

Use of the drug is contraindicated in hemophilia, hypersensitivity, systemic connective tissue diseases, allergic diseases.

Pregnant and lactating women Perftoran appoint only for health reasons.

Instructions for use Perftoran

Before applying Perftoran doctor spends mandatory biological sample: 5 drops slowly introducing the drug, and then for 3 minutes stop transfusion, and then introduces another 30 drops and then make a break for 3 minutes. If a negative reaction to the drug was not followed, continuing his introduction.

To maximize the effectiveness of the drug to the patient during infusion and for a day thereafter through the mask or nasal cannula breathing provide a mixture enriched with oxygen.

Perftoran administered intravenously or drip:

  • for the treatment of shock and acute blood loss in a dose of 5-30 mg / kg;
  • for treating disorders mikrotsirulyatsii Perftoran dose of 5-8 ml / kg
  • for the protection of donor organs in two hours before the scheduled surgery at a dose of 20 ml / kg each: both donors and recipients.

For regional use of the drug is used for limb perfusion rate of 40 mg / kg (with standard filling oxygenator).

When applied topically Perftoran used as well as conventional means of drug therapy.

Side effects from taking Perftoran

 Perftoran emulsion

According to responses of patients Perftoran can cause:

  • allergic reactions (redness of the skin, itching, rash);
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • increased heart rate;
  • temperature rise;
  • Headache;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • pain in the lumbar region;
  • anaphylactoid reaction.

In any of these cases, administration should be discontinued and Perftoran without removing the needle from the vein, depending on the clinical picture, enter a vasopressor, glucocorticosteroid, cardiac, desensitizing or other drugs used in the treatment of anaphylactic shock.

Application Features

After thawing, the vial should be gently shake until smooth emulsion. Before the introduction of Perftoran should conduct a visual inspection. Do not use the drug in case of:

  • appears on the bottom of the vial white solid;
  • bundle emulsion (to be visible visually transparent oily droplets that settle to the bottom even after thorough shaking).

Perftoran can not be used together (in the same system / syringe / ACC) with oksietilkrahmalom, rheopolyglucin, polyglucin and dextrans. If necessary, these solutions are introduced into another vein.

Storage regulations

Shelf life - 36 months at a temperature of -4 to -18. At temperatures above 4 degrees is considered to fit within 2 weeks.

According to the instructions, it is forbidden: Perftoran stored at temperatures below -18 degrees to defrost at temperatures above 30 degrees, strongly shake the emulsion in the unfrozen state.