Pentoksil - a means of stimulating the metabolism.  Pentoxy formula

Pharmacological action

Pentoxy has immunostimulatory properties, stimulates the production of white blood cells, increases their ability to inhibit the development of pathogenic organisms, to destroy damaged cells (phagocytic activity).

Product form

Pentoxy release tablets, powder.

Indications pentoxy

The drug is prescribed at a low level of white blood cells (leukopenia), has arisen for various reasons, and in the absence of white blood cells - a condition caused by poor diet or poisoning.

According to the instructions can be used in pentoxy agranulotsitarnoy angina - severe form of the disease, in which there is a lack of white blood cells in the blood; when dosage forms agranulocytosis - a sharp decrease in the number of white blood cells associated with prolonged use of drugs; in chronic benzene poisoning.

In addition, there is evidence of the successful use of drugs by patients with gastrointestinal ulcer, chronic pancreatitis undergoing rehabilitation after burns, bone fractures or treatment of fistulas, trophic ulcers.

Instructions pentoxy: how to use

Take pentoxy medicine 3-4 times a day, orally.  Tablets pentoxy
 To use it in its purest form, is mixed with sugar or glucose to improve the taste.

Babies under one year at a time can be given to 15 mg; children 1-3 liters. - 25 mg; 3-8 liters. - 50 mg; 8-12 l. - 75 mg; children after 12 liters. - 100-150 mg of the drug. Adult patients can take 200-400 mg pentoxy at once.

Take the drug is recommended 15-20 days. On average, one course of treatment of adult patients are 6-10 g of the drug.

side effects

The tool can cause digestive disorders and allergies.


Pentoxy not be taken with chlamydia (a cancer of lymphoid tissue) cancer and bone marrow.