Pektusin - cough medicine on a natural basis.  Pektusin

Pharmacological action

The structure includes Pektusina menthol and eucalyptus oil.

Menthol irritated mucous nasal receptors, exerts a mild analgesic and disinfectant effect.

Eucalyptus oil reduces inflammation of mucous and manifests itself as an antiseptic.

Reviews Pektusine show high efficacy: the drug acts quickly, it helps to cope with strong attacks of coughing, facilitates overall colds.

Product form

Release tablets Pektusin.

Contrary to popular belief, syrup Pektusin not issued, but there is a cough syrup expectorant and a similar name - "Pertusin." This remedy different composition: it consists of an extract of thyme (or thyme) and potassium bromide.

Indications Pektusina

The drug is indicated for the symptomatic treatment of tracheitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, acute and chronic rhinitis, to eliminate cough.

Instructions Pektusina: how to use

Tablets Pektusin not swallow and keep under the tongue and resolved.

Children after 7 l., Adult appoint dissolve 3-4 tablets a day. Take tablets at or scratchy sore throat, severe coughing. More 5-6 tablets per day can not dissolve.

For greater efficiency, it is desirable to start the medication at an early stage of the disease.  Pektusin produced in the form of tablets

side effects

There are reviews of Pektusine of patients taking pills and notes rashes and itching on the face. These adverse reactions associated only with individual sensitivity to menthol or eucalyptus oil. In this case, it is recommended to see a doctor and to change the approach to treatment of the underlying disease.

Data about the negative consequences of overdose if used incorrectly Pektusina not fixed.


Despite the natural composition at Pektusina there are a number of contraindications. Cough tablets should not be taken for those who suffer from diabetes, because sugar is one of the excipients medication.

Also Pektusina instructions stated that it should not be prescribed to children under 7 l., Pregnant women, nursing mothers, bronchial asthma, stenosing laryngitis, spazmofilii, hypersensitivity to eucalyptus oil, menthol and other components of the tablets.

Data on adverse drug interactions of the drug is not.