Shampoo pedikulitsidny Pedilin
 Pedilin - means against lice.

Pharmacological action

Pedilin - a combination antiparasitic agent, which consists of malathion and tetramethrin.

Malathion - this organophosphorus insecticide contact and nerve poison that destroys arthropod pests, including lice and nits.

Tetramethrin - this group of insecticides, pyrethrins, destroying head lice and is considered safe for animals and humans.

Product form

Shampoo and Emulsion Pedilin.

Indications Pedilina

The tool is used to treat lice.

Instructions Pedilina: how to use

Pedilin shampoo is used as follows: 10 ml of the product is applied to wet hair, massage gently 5 minutes scalp and wash off. After washing your hair still wet from the need to comb out the dead insects. If necessary, after a week, you can wash your hair with shampoo again.

Pedilin emulsion applied to the hair with a cotton swab is rubbed into the hair roots. Judging by the reviews of Pediline consumption agent is 10-60 mL - a more precise dose depends on the length of hair. After applying emulsion head covered with a scarf for 2-3 minutes, then wash off the solution and comb combed insects.

The instructions Pedilina stated that, if there is a large number of lice and nits can be used for the treatment and emulsion and shampoo. Initially treated scalp 10 ml solution for half an hour covered with a handkerchief head. After 30 minutes, the emulsion Pedilin wash and wash hair with shampoo: lather the head twice and each time leave the shampoo on the hair for three minutes. After that, from wet hair can be combed insects.

Treating lice means Pedilin recommended held simultaneously for the whole family.

After combing out the dead nits and lice comb should be a good wash and change after the treatment bed and underwear, towels.

side effects

 The anti-lice Pedilin
 Pedilin can cause allergies.

In overdose Pedilina which is possible because of the prolonged inhalation of vapors and emulsion shampoo or prolonged contact with the skin of funds, there are local and systemic toxic reactions: disturbed vision, increased lacrimation notes, begins tachycardia or bradycardia, nausea and vomiting, urinary incontinence, increased, or reduced pressure, there is a weakness. To eliminate these symptoms the person if the tool Once inside the stomach is washed. In case of contact solution, shampoo on the skin or mucous membranes, they are washed with soap and water.

There are reviews of Pediline indicating that arose due to an overdose of malathion and tetramethrin muscle twitches and anxiety effectively eliminates diazepam or atropine.

If the agent gets into the eyes, they should be cleaned with water or sodium chloride solution.

To avoid getting shampoo or solution Pedilin on mucous membranes, eyes or mouth, is recommended during treatment of the scalp to cover his face with a towel.


The instructions Pedilina indicated that it is contraindicated in children up to 2 liters., Pregnant women, nursing mothers, the presence of allergy to the active ingredients of funds.