Pantokaltsin 250 mg

Pantokaltsin - nootropic drug used in the neurotic disorders and psycho-emotional overload.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Pantokaltsina has neuroprotective, neurometabolic and neurotrophic properties. According to the instructions Pantokaltsin:

  • It stimulates anabolic processes in neurons;
  • Increases resistance to the harmful effects of brain toxins and hypoxia;
  • It has anticonvulsant and analgesic effect;
  • Reduces the excitability of the motor, at the same time ordering behavior;
  • Increases resistance to stress and mental and physical performance;
  • It normalizes the content of GABA in chronic alcohol intoxication.

Product form

Pantokaltsin produce as white spigot tablets containing 250 and 500 mg of calcium gopantenata. 10 pieces in the outline packages of 50 pieces in plastic jars.

Analogues Pantokaltsina mechanism of action are calcium supplements gopantenat, Gopantam and Pantogam.

Indications Pantokaltsina

According to the instructions Pantokaltsin indicated for:

  • Cognitive impairment caused by neurotic disorders and organic brain damage;
  • Reduced mental and physical performance, as well as improving memory and concentration of attention;
  • Extrapyramidal hyperkinesis in hereditary diseases of the nervous system, including gepatotserebralnoy dystrophy, Huntington's chorea and Parkinson's disease;
  • Psycho-emotional overload;
  • Micturition disorders, including daytime incontinence, enuresis, urgency, pollakiuria;
  • Extrapyramidal neuroleptic syndrome.

The use of combination therapy is effective in treating Pantokaltsina:

  • Cerebral organic failure occurring in schizophrenia, along with neuroleptics, antidepressants;
  • Epilepsy with a slowing of mental processes, along with anticonvulsants;
  • Cerebrovascular insufficiency, which causes atherosclerotic changes in cerebral vessels;
  • Consequences neyroinfektsy and traumatic brain injury;
  • Elementary forms of senile dementia;
  • Residual organic brain damage, especially in the elderly.

Babies Pantokaltsin according to the instructions prescribed in the treatment of:

  • Mental retardation, in particular, at a delay of speech, motor, mental development or a combination thereof;
  • Cerebral palsy;
  • Stuttering predominantly clonic form;
  • Epilepsy, especially when polymorphic attacks and small seizures, simultaneously with anticonvulsant drugs.

Pantokaltsin also used to mitigate the adverse effects of neuroleptics.


 Pantokaltsin pills

Pantokaltsin contraindicated for instructions apply:

  • In acute renal failure;
  • In the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • Children up to three years;
  • In case of hypersensitivity to the components Pantokaltsina.

Data on the safety of Pantokaltsina lactation, and in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy is not available.

Dosing Pantokaltsina

Regardless of the disease according to the instructions Pantokaltsin recommended to take after 20-30 minutes after eating.

As a rule, Pantokaltsin Review administered in a single dose:

  • For adults - at 0, 5-1 g;
  • For children - at 0, 25-0, 5 g

The daily dosage for adults and children should not exceed 3 g, and the duration of reception - 6 months. Repeated treatments can be carried out Pantokaltsinom no earlier than three months.

The duration of Pantokaltsina when neuroleptic syndrome is usually 1-3 months. Adults drug is prescribed for 0, 5-1 grams three times a day, children - half the size. The same dosage used in the treatment of hyperkinetic (ticks), but the duration of the treatment in this case can be up to 5 months.

When the effects of traumatic brain injury and neuroinfections usually prescribed 1 tablet Pantokaltsina (250 mg) to 4 times per day, and in asthenic conditions and high loads the same dosage used 3 times a day.

Application Pantokaltsina the treatment of epilepsy is usually long-term, up to six months. Adults appoint 4 g, and children - 2 g of the drug per day.

In the treatment of micturition disorders adult daily dose should not exceed 3, the duration of treatment usually is between two weeks to three months, depending on the therapeutic effect and severity of disorders.

When mentally retarded children use Pantokaltsina Review efficiently 3 grams per day for three months, and at a delay of speech development - 2 grams per day of 2-3 months.

Instructions for Pantokaltsin prolong the barbiturate, prevents the side effects of carbamazepine, phenobarbital, antipsychotics (neuroleptics) and enhances the effects of:

  • Drugs that stimulate the central nervous system;
  • Anticonvulsants;
  • Local anesthetics (procaine).

side effects

According to reviews Pantokaltsin often causes allergic reactions that manifest as conjunctivitis, rhinitis and skin rashes.

storage conditions

Pantokaltsin refers to a series of neuroprotective drugs that are dispensed under a prescription. Shelf life Pantokaltsina should not exceed 3 years.