Pantoderm - pharmacological agents in the form of an ointment from the group of stimulants tissue regeneration.


Structure and Composition

Pantoderm issued in the form of 5% ointment for topical use. The active substance - dexpanthenol. In 1 g Pantoderma contains 50 mg dexpanthenol and auxiliary components (liquid paraffin, almond oil, white beeswax, anhydrous lanolin, cetostearyl alcohol, lanolin alcohols and water).

Pantoderm ointment is pale yellow with a characteristic odor. It produced the drug in the aluminum tubes to 25 or '30

The carton is 1 tube with Pantodermom and instructions for use.

Pharmacological action Pantoderma

This drug has a regenerative (healing) effect, and also has a weak anti-inflammatory and metabolic effects. The body Pantoderm converted to an active metabolite - pantothenic acid, which is a constituent of coenzyme A. This coenzyme is involved in all metabolic processes in the body and stimulates healing of the skin and mucous membranes, improves the strength of collagen and accelerates cell division.

After topical Pantoderm quickly absorbed by the skin and converted to a metabolite (pantothenic acid), which binds to serum proteins.


  • dermatitis, diaper rash and dry skin;
  • thermal and chemical burns;
  • bedsores;
  • inflammatory skin diseases (abscesses, boils, gidradenity) after appropriate surgical rehabilitation;
  • sluggish granulating aseptic postoperative wounds, impaired healing of skin grafts;
  • prevention and treatment of cracked nipples of the breast during lactation;
  • diaper dermatitis in infants, erythema and traumatic injuries of the skin.

Contraindications Pantoderma

Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Application Pantoderma not contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

Dosing and Administration Pantoderma

This tool is used only externally. According to the instructions Pantoderm be applied thinly on the damaged skin areas once or several times a day. Duration of treatment is determined individually, depending on the nature of the disease and the areas of damaged skin.

In the treatment of cracked nipples of mammary glands in lactating women Pantoderm should be applied to the nipple area after each feeding. It is possible to use this drug in the form of a compress.

In the treatment of diaper dermatitis for Pantoderm instruction should be applied at each diaper change (of 6-12 times a day). Best of all, the child remains after applying the ointment without "diapers" for 20-30 minutes. In the opinion of Pantoderm at diaper dermatitis should be used at least 3-7 days before full recovery.  Dosage form Pantoderma - Ointment

side effect

In the opinion of Pantoderm rarely causes allergic reactions.

Overdose Pantodermom

No evidence of an overdose of the drug.

Interaction with other drugs

No data on the interaction Pantoderma with other pharmacological agents.