Flowers oxalis
 In another oxalis common in our country is called "borschovkoy" or "rabbit with salt." The most common is a plant becomes a spring, then its thickets scattered almost everywhere: near the trunks of fir trees, and in the plains, and in the shady forests, on wet ground. Native flora includes six kinds of herbs, half of which is imported from other countries.

Oxalis refers to a family of herbaceous perennial plants Kislichnaya. At the height of it will never grow more than 15 cm, it has a very thin branched rhizome, which "crawls" in the horizontal direction. Basal leaves are on long stalks and fluffy plant. Flowers oxalis is small in size, as well as white, sometimes diluted with a small purple veins. In the summer it can be seen on the plant still small flowers, which are arranged on short stalks. Period flowering oxalis falls at the end of spring and early summer, but the maturation of seeds is already happening in July.

Fruit oxalis is a small egg-shaped box, self-ejection seeds.

Quite often, the plant can be found in the European part of the CIS, the Caucasus or the Non-Black Earth, as well as in Siberia.

Applications oxalis

 All parts of the plant can be used for medicinal purposes. The preparations with the content of oxalis leaves have diuretic, anti-inflammatory and choleretic properties. Antitumor effect of providing a fresh juice of the plant, due to which are derived from the body of heavy metals. Also, the juice is recommended for use for people with poor digestion, and impaired metabolism. The crushed leaves are used to fight purulent wounds.

In Kislitsa sufficiently high content of various organic acids including oxalic. Tincture, prepared on the basis of this plant, used in the treatment of diseases of the liver and stomach. In addition, borschovka is an excellent antiseptic, and its juice can cure scabies.

Also, in the colors of oxalis in the rest of the plant contains valuable succinic acid, which is indispensable for everyone. Widely use in the treatment of plants and gall bladder, and preparations containing oxalis are means which is capable of stopping bleeding. Herb plants can greatly assist in the healing of wounds, as it cures scurvy and jaundice.

Borschovka possesses antipyretic properties, which explains its widespread use in the treatment of influenza and colds. Perfectly cope with oxalis quench thirst, decrease pain during menstruation, as well as to the treatment of heartburn. It is known that drugs plants help to get rid of bad breath. With cleft salts can increase appetite and lead to normal gastric acidity, provided that it is lowered.

To prepare the broth take oxalis 1 ch. L. dry grass and fill it with boiling water (100 ml), sending the mixture for 12 minutes on the fire, then cooled and filtered. This broth is a good cure for patients with gastric cancer, and they can gargle and mouth wash bruises and abrasions.

Juice squeezed oxalis exclusively from its terrestrial part. This tool is indispensable for diarrhea and many other inflammatory diseases. It is recommended to take a daily tablespoon of juice, which is mixed with the same amount of honey. It can be used to treat ulcerative stomatitis, and made with the juice compresses help with boils, diathesis and boils.

Harm oxalis

Prolonged use of drugs based on oxalis not recommended due to the large amount it contains oxalic acid, because it can contribute to renal damage.

It is strictly forbidden to use drugs with the plant to people who suffer from cramps, arthritis, kidney disease and kidney stones.