The drug Ovidon tablets
 Ovidon is a hormonal contraceptive oral type that strongly inhibits the secretion of gonadotropins. The drug prevents ovulation and implantation of a fertilized egg breaks.

Also Ovidon appointed to normalize the menstrual cycle, pain relief, discomfort of PMS and eliminate pain spasms caused by contractions of the uterus.

Structure and Composition Ovidon

The main active substance - levonorgestrel (0, 25 mg) and ethinyl estradiol (0 05 mg).

Ovidon issued in the form of tablets in a carton of 21 pcs.

Pharmacological action Ovidon

Ovidon has a strong contraceptive action. The drug is endowed with a locking mechanism of action that inhibits gonadotropin secretion of hormones responsible for regulating the activity of the gonads. The contraceptive effect is amplified main active ingredient - ethinyl estradiol.

Pharmacological action Ovidon aimed at increasing the viscosity of the cervical mucus, which prevents sperm into the uterus.

Positive feedback received Ovidon as a drug for the treatment of menstrual disorders and prevention of gynecological diseases, including tumors of various etiologies.


Ovidon appointed as a means of contraception.

According to prescription instructions Ovidon indications for its use are menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, metrorrhagia, painful and difficult flowing premenstrual syndrome.

Instructions for use Ovidon

 Packing drug Ovidon
 According to the instructions Ovidon taken orally administered 1 time per day 1-5 days of the menstrual cycle and during the next 20 days. This is followed by a break in reception for 7 days. On prescription drug in the form of pellets, of 28 pcs., Can be taken continuously throughout the course of treatment.

To receive Ovidon need to select a specific time (breakfast or dinner) to constantly maintain the concentration of hormones in the blood for effective contraception.

The attending physician should monitor the patient's menstrual cycle, the host Ovidon, since the drug could reduce or increase the cycle time and the possibility of vaginal bleeding of varying intensity.

Good reviews Ovidon received as a long-acting contraceptive product that provides stability hormonal and menstrual cycle regularity.

In accordance with the instructions Ovidon, during a break in his reception should take other hormonal contraceptives, the individual dosage that should be determined by the attending physician.


Contraindications to receiving Ovidon are hypersensitivity and intolerance to the components of the drug, hepatic and renal failure, congenital hyperbilirubinemia type different tumor formation (hemangioma, cancer, etc.).

Also contraindications include cardiovascular disease in severe stages, hemorrhagic stroke, hypertension, diabetes, chronic anemia and sickle cell type, vaginal bleeding, breast tuberculosis.

Do not take the medication during breastfeeding, in adolescence, as well as 3 months before the planned pregnancy.

Precautions Ovidon indicated for migraines and severe headaches of other etiology, with visual and hearing impairment, phlebitis, cerebrovascular disorders, and smoking patients older than 40 years.

Side effects Ovidon

Ovidon side effects are weight gain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain, breast tenderness, decreased libido, vaginal bleeding outside the menstrual period, voice hoarseness, conjunctivitis, blurred vision, and swelling of the eyelids.

Chronic administration of the drug may experience hearing loss, muscle cramps, seizures and spasms of smooth muscles.

In rare cases can cause Ovidon hyperglycemia, increased blood pressure, candidiasis, skin dermatitis, venous thrombosis and thromboembolism.